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Welcome to my blog. Blogging is something I have always wanted to try. While we were on a 3 week holiday in the USA I kept a blog with our daily adventures. I really enjoyed blogging and missed it once we got home. I thought about making a life blog but thought ‘my life really isn’t interesting enough’. Now over a year later, I realized I don’t just need to blog about my life, I can blog about my many passions. I hope that those who share my passions will enjoy my blog and enjoy my view of the world..

So a bit about me….. My name is Lucee (obviously). I am 22 turning 23 this year. I have a wonderful hubby, Marty. We were married in July 2010 and it was the best day of my life. I love being married to my best friend and we have so much fun together.
Here is a picture of us on our wedding day
(Photography by Calli B Photography)

We live in Australia but at the moment we are currently in Louisiana, USA for 6 months while my hubby is working on a project over here. I am not working so I have A LOT of (blog) time on my hands.

We have two Chihuahua’s waiting for us at home, Diego (2 years old) & Daisy (1 year old). I miss my dogs a lot! I have a lot of love for them and treat them like my babies. People think I am a little bit crazy and get sick of the amount of dog photos I upload on Facebook, but that’s just me.! Love it or leave it I say!

Speaking of which… here is one of my favourite photos of Diego and Daisy

I was going to tell you all the things I love in this post but after I drafted it I realized it was turning into a bit of a novel! Keep an eye out for ‘my many passions’ blog post coming soon!
Looking forward to getting to know my readers as they get to know me.

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