I purchased a DIY shellac kit from an online deal site a while ago. I was really excited about shellac because I had always hated my natural nails. I would always get long acrylic nails and it was very damaging to my natural nails. Also my hubby wasn’t really a fan of fake nails and always encouraged me to let them grow naturally. But they would just never grow!! I would try just painting my nails but I found I was too impatient to let them dry properly and would always smudge them, then the nail polish would always chip after a couple of days anyway!! So I just gave up! Until I found a shellac kit! It was pretty cheap (compared to how much it cost to go and get my nails done at the salon time after time) and I was so excited to use it. I was even more excited that there was no drying time once the shellac was set under the UV lamp!
What came in my kit:
1 x 9w UV lamp
1 x Bluesky Shellac top coat
1 x Bluesky Shellac base coat
4 x Bluesky Shellac colours of my choice.

After I bought this I was told Bluesky wasn't a very good brand but I am happy with it. The colours are nice and they last as well as any other shellac. I have purchased other colours off the internet and have purchased a heap of CND Shellac colours too. I have found the CND Shellac to be a lot thicker which was messy at first which took a bit of time to get use to. CND is the 'Original Shellac' and is used in most salons.

The shellac process is a bit long – But it is worth it as it last for 2-3 weeks.
1. base coat, set under UV lamp for 1 minute.
2. 1st colour layer, set under UV lamp for 2 minutes.
3. 2nd colour layer, set under UV lamp for 2 minutes.
4. Top coat, set under UV lamp for 3 minutes.

 It is important to use a cleanser with a cotton ball on the nail at the end to get rid of the sticky residue that is left over. Once you wipe it over the nail you nails are ready to do anything without chipping! This was not included in my kit but I picked some up for around $10 at priceline.

Below is a photo of my first DIY shellac attempt. I am pretty proud with how my nails turned out. The colour is ‘Tutti Fruitti’ and it has been my favourite shellac colour so far!! 

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