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Today I thought I would share my new boots! These have just arrived in the post and I am super excited! I had been looking around for lace up / combat style boots for a while but I wasn’t really sure if I could pull off this look so I wasn't wanting to spend too much $$. Also because we are coming into spring and summer here in Louisiana I am probably not going to get a great deal of wear out of them until I get back to Australia in winter. 

I came across these 'Gamer Combat Boots' online and I really liked the look of them. They were only $59.95, which I was really happy with because as I said before, I wasn't wanting to spend too much on them. I actually haven't ever purchased shoes online before because I normally like to see, feel and sniff (ok maybe that's a bit weird) my clothes & shoes before I buy them. But here's to trying new things!! (I sense an online shopping addiction coming on...)
 I tried them on as soon as they arrived in the post and I LOVED them. I was happy that they actually fit and I didn't have to send them back! I am happy to say, I feel like I can pull this look off. The reason I thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off is because my 'style' has always been a bit more classic and 'pretty' and these boots are a little bit different.


I have ordered a couple of dresses from that I think will pair nicely with these. I can’t wait for them to arrive! I am on also on the look for a little jacket or over shirt (if that is such a thing...?) to wear with my new dresses and maybe even some little boot socks..... is that a bit much?

In winter I think I am going to have a lot more options seeing as they are boots and boots and winter are the perfect match! I might wear these with black skinny jeans, a cute sweater & a light scarf. In Australia the winters can still be quite warm so I will also be able to wear some of my dresses with some leggins or tights. And if I find that jacket or 'over shirt' I will wear that too. I am looking forward to trying lots of different outfits out and embracing this 'different' look.

I will try and do an outfit of the day once my dresses arrive and once I come up with some outfits that I like.

If you like these boots and would like a pair of your own, you can purchase them HERE...

If you are wearing combat boots, what are you wearing them??

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