These are my first 'high end' brush sets! The brushes with the gold ends are Napoleon and came as a set in a little black pouch. My lovely mum got it for me for Christmas one year. The rest of the brushes are MAC and they also started as gifts from my mum and my hubby for my birthday. The brush pouch is also from my hubby and is by MAC. How spoilt am I?!

I love my brushes and I think that having good brushes has made a big difference in my makeup application. The brush that has made the biggest difference for me is my MAC 130 Duo Fibre  Brush. Using this I am able to work my foundation in a circular motion and kind of buff it into my pores. This circular motion and buffing really helps me blend the foundation into my skin and gives me a even finish which helps in hiding my large pores.

 I enjoy spending time cleaning and looking after my brushes and I think this is really important for everyone to do.  

To keep my brushes clean I use the brush cleanser by MAC every time I use my them. I do this by spraying the cleanser (I poured it into my own mini spray bottle) on a clean tissue and then wiping brushes over tissue. Then once a month I give them a 'proper' clean out with baby shampoo (as its nice and gentle), then I rinse them with water and lay them on a towel to dry. When I lay them on the towel I like to reshape the bristles so they dry in place.
Love Lucee xx

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