When I think about face masks and what my memories of face masks are the first thing I think of is my mum! As a kid I remember her putting green (monster) masks on and coming out to show me what happened to her face! She also use to use those gel masks that go on clear and you 'pull of your skin' and  I always loved peeling it off for her.... ew haha! Whats that they say about us being like monkeys??

 I now love using masks myself and love the feeling of having a mask on my face. My skin always feels so good afterwards.

The mask I have on in this picture is a really gentle mask so I can use it a couple of times a week. To make life a bit easier, I cleanse my face and then put my mask on about 10 minutes before I get into the shower. When I am in the shower and it gets all steamy I use a face brush to wash it off in a circular motion under the water. Once I am out of the shower I tone and then moisturise.

Here are a few little facts about face masks...

Why should I use a face mask?
Using a face mask is different from washing your face, instead of just cleaning the dirt on the surface of your skin, it will draw out the impurities that are sitting underneath the surface on the skin. It will also help remove dead skin cells.

How long should I keep my mask on?
Masks should be kept on for 10-15 minutes

Can I use any face mask?
Always use a face mask suited to your skin type or a face mask that is for 'All skin types'

Should I use a mask before or after I cleanse?
It is best to cleanse, then use a mask, tone if you wish and then moisutrise.

 How often can I use a mask?
This will depend on the mask. It is mostly recommend that you use once or twice a week but some masks are gentle enough to use a few times a week.

There are lots of different masks you can get and you can even make your own!

A homemade mask that I have made myself before is an 'Oatmeal and Milk ' mask. It is as simple as it sounds. Just ground oatmeal and milk! I mixed a tsp of each together and put on my face for 15 minutes. At home face masks can be pretty messy, so be prepared for that!

The mask I am using at the moment is for normal to dry skin and is called 'Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask' from the body shop. It can be picked up for about $27.95 (AUS) or $17.00 (USA).

Send me a comment with what your favourite mask is!

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