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Welcome to my first favourites / reviews post. Each month I will share and review a handful of products that I am loving for the month. 

I can't believe it is April already! Here is what I was loving in March....

1. Matrix Biolage Fortethérapie shampoo & conditioner 
My hair is a bit damaged at the moment due to me being naughty and bleaching my ends, so I wanted to get a good shampoo and conditioner to help repair it. I have always heard great things about Matrix Biolage products so I picked up some shampoo and conditioner from the Fortethérapie range. Fortethérapie ‘strengthens weakened hair, combining forces of science and nature to reconstruct while boosting vitality and smoothing hair. Damaged hair is strengthened while building resistance against future breakage’. Sounds like just what I need!! I noticed a difference after the first wash. When I blow-dried my hair, it dried a lot smoother and less frizzy! Overtime my hair started to feel really silky and was definitely strengthened.

I shampoo twice and then apply a generous amount of conditioner and tie up while I continue with my other shower business and then wash it out at then end. I have tried (and loved) a lot of shampoo’s over the years and have always favourited Redken but I think this set has topped my favourite list. It also smells great, like you have just walked out of the salon.

2. Napoleon – The Ultimate Contour Palette
This is exactly as the name describes, the ultimate contour palette! Having highlighter, blusher and bronzer /contour all in the same compact makes life a whole lot easier. I love the colors in this palette and I am impressed that the three shades are well rounded and would be suitable for most skin tones.

I also like that this palette came with a little insert showing where to use the highlight, colour and contour. This is now my ‘go to’ for the cheeks!

The highlighter color is a really soft peachy pink that blends out almost translucent but leaves a bit of shimmer of pink, which is picked up when it hits the light. Very pretty.

The blush color is a rosy flush, its not quite pink or peach but somewhere nicely in the middle. The contour is a perfect contour shade. The color is matte and is a similar shade to NARS Laguna.

 I definitely recommend checking this one out it will really make your cheek bones ‘POP’.

3. Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in #70 Barely Branded
Why did it take me so long to find these!? I was reluctant to try these because I am not a fan of cream eye shadow, I have never liked the feeling so didn’t put much thought into these ones. While in Walmart I decided to just try a couple and now I am a little bit obsessed with #70 Barely Branded. This is the perfect base color and I am amazed by the staying power!

The reason I never liked cream eye shadow before was because I found it would always crease straight away on me, but the Maybelline color tattoo does not crease at all. It sets quickly and is waterproof so it lasts all day! This has become a staple in my everyday make up.

The consistency is creamy and it blends really nicely. The color is neutral champagne and is perfect as a base or eye shadow alone (paired with some black liquid liner and a red lip – LOVE).

Now that I like cream eye shadows / bases, I am looking forward to trying MAC paint pots!! If you already use MAC paint pots, I have heard Barley Branded color tattoo is a close dupe for MAC’s ‘Bare study’.

4. Burt’s Bees Sensitive facial cleansing toweletteS
MY NEW FAVOURITE MAKE UP WIPES!! These wipes are lovely! They are all natural and really gentle; yet they still remove all make-up, dirt and oil. I love wearing makeup, but I love the feeling of coming home from a long day and wiping it all off with a cleansing towel.

My skin had become pretty dry and sensitive and I had been using Neutrogena make-up remover cleansing towelettes but I often found that they made my face sting and caused irritation. The Burt’s Bees wipes have cotton extract to soften, rice extract to moisturize and aloe to sooth sensitive skin. I am happy to say these haven’t stung or irritated my skin at all.

The cost of these is about $6 for a pack of 30. I have already repurchased these and will continue to repurchase.

Leave me a comment with your March favourites!! 

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