Thoughts - Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Photos

Hi readers,

Yes I am doing this!

First of all I would like to point out that this is not an 'I love Kim Kardashian' post.

But I really feel like the media needs to lay off her and not let the world think it's okay to call a pregnant women fat. It is making pregnancy look negative and can scare women off being pregnant. Are we really going to become so vein that a woman cannot enjoy such a precious moment of her life?

Now, I know Kim is a public figure and has put herself in the pubic eye, and okay, she may not be dressing the best for a pregnant woman but I feel like that in no way gives anyone the right to publicly call her fat, or any other pregnant woman.

I am so over seeing posts slamming Kim Kardashian's pregnancy and calling her fat! The woman is PREGNANT, if she wasn't putting weight on I would be worried!!

I actually feel sorry for Kim. Seeing reports on how many calories her meals are is just ridiculous, obviously the ladies writing those reports must have craved water during their pregnancies. Lucky them.

I was so excited to see Kim post this picture of her finally embracing her pregnancy! She looks absolutely gorgeous and if people are calling this 'fat' they need to look up what pregnancy is!

I love pregnancy and think it is such a beautiful time in a woman's life. I hope to one day become pregnant and seeing people I know make comment on how huge 'Kiki' is, makes me scared of what they might say about me. I am already a bigger girl and adding pregnancy weight on top of that (one day) is a bit of a scary thought for me, especially now.
So let's all just give pregnant women a break and accept they are carrying a growing human being inside them. With pregnancy comes extra weight, and if we put on 'more than the doctor recommends' well so be it, a lot of women do! In true Kardashian style, not doubt Kim will end up signing a trillion dollar contract with Weight Watchers to lose the 'extra' baby weight.

If I looked half as good as Kim Kardashian does pregnant, I would be stoked.

Sorry for my rant readers, but this Kim Kardashian pregnancy publicity has inspired me to encourage woman that pregnancy is beautiful and they shouldn't be scared to get 'fat' while being pregnant.

I may not like being big when the time comes but I say - Bring on the whale for the sake of my future HEALTHY children!

Love Lucee xx

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