April Favourites

Hello beauties,

It's a new month once again, which means its time for favourites! Yay! I hope you are as excited as I am! I love reading favourites posts and normally end up doubling my 'wish list' after seeing everyone else's favourites!!

iPad mini
Not beauty related but last month my lovely hubby bought me an iPad mini (spoilt) & I am absolutely loving it! I am especially loving the size of the iPad mini. I enjoy reading books on the kindle app and have always swapped between using my iPhone and Marty's iPad but I always complained that the phone was too small and the iPad got too heavy. So hello kindle on iPad mini! I have also discovered the newsstand app & I am totally loving that - HELLO magazines!!!  Some other apps that I am loving are.... Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube and of course Blogger! To add to my iPad mini's amazing-ness I am actually posting this blog on the Blogger app on it which makes hubby happy as it means he gets the MacBook. Happy times all around!

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette 
This palette will most likely be my favourite every month for the next year that is how much I love it. But don't worry I won't post about it every single month! I find the colours in the palette perfect for me because I mainly wear neutral colours on my eyes. The colours in this palette are beautifully pigmented and all blend together really well. I can go for a really natural look just wearing W.O.S all over the lid with a bit of Naked 2 though the crease or add some of venus in the inner corner and faint in the outter corners to add a bit more depth. If I want more of a smokey look I can add crave and build it to however dramatic I want it to be. This is my go to palette, I love the size of the it & think the packaging is gorgeous. These shadows last all day on me which is obviously great!! Love love love!

Candles & Fresh Picked Strawberries Body Wash from Bath & Body Works
I have always loved candles but this month I seem to be more drawn to them than usual. It most likely has something to do with the fact that it's now spring and the air outside is changing. I picked up some sweet smelling candles this month and I haven't started to burn them yet but I just love sitting them next to me with the lid off, letting the sweet aroma fill the room. These are going to be amazing when I burn them.

Mmmm, I am also l-o-v-i-n-g the fresh picked range from B&BW. All the products in this line are just like spring in a bottle! Everything is so fresh, fruity & delicious. I had trouble choosing just one body wash cause they all smelt so good! I went with strawberries and it is so yummy! I love the scent so much I even used it as a bubble bath so I could just soak in its deliciousness! Something I love about this wash is the lasting power of the scent. It lingers on the skin long after my shower is over and throughout the day I get little 'whiffs' of fresh strawberry! I can't wait to go back and get the body lotion to match this and layer the scent so I will be just like a big strawberry walking around! Yum!

Real techniques core collection brush set
I was really excited to get the real techniques core collection brush set in April and quickly pulled out the camera and jumped on the computer to do a fabulous review.... and then somehow I accidentally deleted it! Don't worry I plan to re-write it and upload it soon, I was just a bit too frustrated to do it straight away! So definitely look out for that one! I have really been enjoying using these brushes throughout the month and find myself reaching for them over my MAC & Napoleon brushes. A lot of value for money in these amazing brushes.

Let me know if any of the things I mention in this favourites post end up making it onto your wishlist!

What were your April favourites?