About a month ago I recieved a few fabulous packages in the post and there is one in particular that I am really excited to share with you. I was actually so excited about these that as soon as I opened the package I snapped some photos, tried them out and sat down to write a review, but then I accidentally deleted the draft so that's why it's taken me a month to get this review up. But the postitive of this is that I have been using it for a month so I guess I can now give a better review. 

I ordered the real techniques core collection brush set from Walmart online as our local Walmart doesn’t stock it I store but I later saw that the Ulta near me does stock it. The Core Collection brush set was $18 which works out to be around $4.50 per brush which is pretty cheap for makeup brushes.
For the few who haven’t already read a thousand and one reviews about real techniques brushes, here is a bit of info for you. The real technique brushes are by Samantha Chapman who is a professional makeup artist and also a beauty blogger with her sister on youtube. Their channel is called ‘Pixiwoo’ and they have the best tips and tutorials! These girls are some of my favourite youtubers.

The 4 brushes come in a stand case (shown in picture 1) that also folds into a book. The packaging is great for travel or if you want to stand the brushes up on your counter. The four brushes in the core collection set are:
1.     Contour Brush: delicately applies highlighter to contour r create sheer, soft-focus finish.
2.     Pointed Foundation Brush: use with liquid foundation to build customer coverage.
3.     Detailer Brush: precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long lasting shape and definition.
4.     Buffing Brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation.


Foundation (MAC Studio sculpt)  - Buffing Brush (#4)
Using this brush for my foundation gave me a BEAUTIFUL flawless finish. I have really large pores that I always have to spend time buffing my foundation into my skin but with the brush I effortlessly buffed the foundation into my skin and  immediately had great coverage over my pores with a single layer of foundation.

Contour – Contour Brush (#3)
 I love how this brush made my application of my contour go on blended. It wasn't a harsh line that I had to blend out, it just went on already nicely blended

Concealer – Pointed Foundation Brush (#2)
I feel like the pointed foundation brush is too small to apply foundation all of the face but it was a really good size for concealer. The pointed edge was perfect for under eye concealer and got right up into the inner corner under my eye.

Mineral Powder – Buffing Brush (#4)
I love the versatility of these brushes and I was able to use the buffing brush to apply my mineral powder on top to complete my flawless finish

Blush (Powder) – Contour Brush (#1)
As with my contour, my blush went on effortlessly blended and created a beautiful finish. This brush is definitely a winner for contouring & blush (if you don't mind a smaller brush for blush - which I obviously don't).

Eyeshadow Base (Color Tattoo) -Detailer Brush (#3)
I decided to try the detailer brush for applying my color tattoo as a eyeshadow base but it wasn't really great for this so probably won't again. I actually prefer to apply my color tattoo with my finger anyway so that's probably why. I will save the detailer brush to use for concealer if I ever get any small spots that need covering.

I was pretty much able to do a whole look with these for brushes which is great. I was really happy after my first use of these brushes and I knew I would continue to get a lot of use from these. 

I’ve been using these brushes for over a month now, and they have replaced my MAC & Napoleon brushes. I don’t mean to but I always find myself reaching for them instead of my high-end brush sets. I have pretty much continued to use the brushes for the same uses as I listed above with the exception of blush, I kind of swap between the contour brush and the buffing brush. I haven’t really used the detailer brush at all, its just a bit small and useless to me so this would be my least favourite but not due to lack of quality, its just as good as the others but I personally don’t have a lot of use for it.

For days when I am not wanting to apply a full face of foundation I like to just use my Mary Kay mineral foundation, I have found the buffing brush is great for application of Mary Kay mineral foundation and helps build a nice coverage.

The brushes are so soft and help me to get a flawless finish with less effort. Not one of these brushes have shed at all which I think is really great because with other brushes I would always end up with a brush hair left on my face after application. The brushes are really dense and soft making, they pick up product well and give a nicely blended application.

For my beauties in Australia, Priceline sells this range but unfortunately they are more expensive then what I have picked them up for in USA. They are still a lot cheaper then high-end brushes yet have the quality of high-end brushes.

This has been more of a rave then a review but as you can probably tell I really like these brushes. There are lots more brushes from the Real Techniques line which I am looking forward to trying. Check out the rest of the line at

If you are using the real techniques brushes please let me know what your favourite ones are and what I should pick up next.

Talk soon.