Hi beauties,

Something I have been really into lately and wanted to share with you is juicing. I have been pumping the juicer for the past month and have seen so many wonderful benefits that I thought it was really worth sharing.

It all started when hubby and I were browsing Hulu trying to find something to watch on a lazy Sunday morning. We came across the documentary 'Fat, sick & nearly dead' we watched this and were blown away by his transformation and the benefits he saw from juicing. We were so inspired to use juicing to get more fruit and veggies into our diet that we went down to Walmart and purchased a juicer straight away then headed to the grocery isles and picked up any fruit and veg I thought I could juice.

I started looking up recipes and tried a few but found that I enjoyed just picking any fruit and veg each morning to try and juice. I would usually pick 2 pieces of fruit and a couple of types of veggies. Sometimes my juices were delicious, sometimes they were a bit...raw (tasted a little like dirt) I still drank it and felt healthy and clean inside. I am lucky that I actually LOVE juice. I think it's delicious and am keen to try anything. Hubby likes to stick to apple and orange.

I have loved having juice for breakfast as I can never really be bothered making something like eggs and toast and I don't really like cereal. In the first week of getting our juicer I was having juice for breakfast and lunch. I just found it so convenient as I didn't have to think of something to make, I would just pick up a few veges and push them through the juicer. And it was always so yummy!

Some of my favourite recipes that I repeat when I'm not just grabbing whatever I see first:
(Some things I don't use exact measurements for, I just grab a chunk)

2 x green apples
4 Stalks celery
Handful of spinach
1/3 Cucumber
1/2 Lemon

2 x Apple
1/3 Small - medium beetroot
2-3 Carrot

APPLE & ORANGE (Only makes a small juice as I don't like to have too much fruit each day)
1 x Apple
1 x Orange

2 x Orange
2-3 x Carrot

GINGER SHOT (Good to have before a glass of juice)
1/2 Apple
Thumb of Ginger


Lets get this out of the way first - it helps keep you regular.. No more info needed!

ENERGY - I saw a change in my energy straight away. This is probably because I am getting so many more vitamins and minerals that I have been missing out on. I haven't been taking a multivitamin for the last 6 months (naughty me) so the nutrients and vitamins from juicing really hit me straight away. It was great. Hubby actually noticed straight away too as I had a burst of energy and did lots of cleaning and washing - he liked it! Haha.

SKIN - My skin was the second benefit I noticed. Within the first week I noticed that my skin was so much clearer and brighter. Also my pores were smaller and less noticeable (winning!). The improvement wasn't just a subtle little improvement either, my hubby even commented on my nice skin!

NAILS - I have NEVER had nice nails in my life. Because of this I always turned to acrylic and then more recently shellac (which I did help me grow my nails) but they have never looked and felt healthy naturally. Until now. I am LOVING my nails. They are growing and aren't breaking. I actually have to cut my nails now which seems strange to me because they would always just break! I am constantly surprised now when I look down at my nails and see how nice they look.

HAIR - I really damaged my hair! I have mentioned this in other posts when talking about products I am using to try and repair my hair after over bleaching. I am still using great products on my hair but since starting to juice I have noticed more shine to my hair. Which is really nice because after failed hairdresser visits and hair I wasn't happy with I was really starting to hate my hair but now I am liking the bit of shine that I am seeing come through.

LESS BLOATED & FEELING HEALTHY - I haven't been using the juicing as a diet so haven't seen any weight loss but I have noticed I have been less bloated around my tummy which is always good! I have also been feeling so much healthier and happy which actually feels really great!

I am sure there are lots more benefits on the inside that I can't see and this, to me, proves that healthy on the inside shows on the outside! I am loving the benefits that I have had! As you can see from all the things I have listed juicing has really had some great benefits for me and I would highly recommend it to EVERYONE!

Happy juicing!