Hey beauties,

Today I am heading back to Brisbane, Australia after almost 6 months in Baton Rouge, USA. We are in for a very long flight (15 1/2hrs from Dallas to Brisbane) so I thought while I am writing my travel checklist I would share it with you all. I have broken it into 2 parts, general carry on essentials and make up bag essentials.

1. Passport!!!
2. Pen
3. iPad
4. Ear Phones
5. Magazine or Book (for take off and landing)
6. Travel socks (those ones that help prevent DVT - especially important for girls on the pill)
7. Travel pillow
8. Sleep eye mask (unless you don't mind the plastic feeling ones the airline gives)
9. Medications - Pain killers, sleeping tablet & 'the pill'
10. Hoodie - no one likes being cold on a plane & hoodies are super cosy!
11. Ugg Boots - I know, I know but I am getting off the plane to winter!
12. Healthy snacks - Protein bars and trail mix

I ended up chucking a few other things in my carry on bag on my way out the door like wallet, water bottle, hairbrush, iPhone, tissues and phone charger.

My hubby thinks I am a bit ridiculous or at least my beauty list is ridiculous but I refuse to get bad skin from traveling. I always end up with dry yukky skin after long haul flights and I never really thought about why this is. While preparing for our trip home, I decided to do a little bit of research and it turns out the humidity in a plan is about 8% and our skin needs 40%, so that's why my skin always dries out so much. It also doesn't help that I am going from summer to winter which is always a shock to my skin. But this time I have a plan, I am going to utilise the time on my long flight and turn it into a mini facial. Sounds crazy but why not? So below is what I will be taking in my makeup bag. It looks like a lot but I am using travel sizes and samples so it shouldn't take up too much space!


1. Makeup remover wipes
2. Toner (in a travel bottle)
3. Moisuriser
4. Cotton pads
5. Eye Cream (sample size)
6. Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream
7. Fibre face mask
8. Deodorant
9. Hand Sanitiser

Hair and Makeup
1. Pore Professional
2. Concealers (Napoleon & Fake Up)
3. Powder
4. Mascara
6. Lipgloss
7. Bobbie pins and hairties
8. Hairclip

I have run over my little 'in flight facial' in steps below. Before our long haul flight we have a 1hr flight from Baton Rouge to Dallas and then will be in Dallas for a couple of hours so I'll be wearing my usual makeup.

STEP 1: Wipes - once I get onto my long haul flight I will take off my makeup with wipes.

STEP 2: Toner -  I have poured some of my Dermalogica toner into a travel spritz bottle so I can take it on carry on and use it to freshen up on the flight (not sure that I will actually spritz it of if I will just put onto cotton pad as it could be a bit invasive for our neighbors).

STEP 3: Moisturiser - Next I will slather on some moisturiser I have also poured some of my Dermalogica moisturiser into a travel pot so I don't have to take the whole tube.

STEP 4: Eye cream - Samples are awesome for traveling, I got a sample of an eye cream from Sephora. I will apply this around my eyes and let it soak in.

STEP 5: 8hr Cream - there is so many uses for this great cream and apparently it is a favourite among air hostesses. This cream is a skin protectant, and protects skin from weather and air conditioning which is definitely what I will be needing as the air in the plane is very drying. I will put this on my lips, around my nose and spread out anywhere over my face and use on my hands and elbows (also I plan to put a heap of this on my feet before I put socks on to keep my feet nice and soft too).

I will leave my beauty routine there for a while and watch a couple of movies or something. Then  a few hours into the flight (when lights are down and everyone else is sleeping) I will do the next step.

STEP 6: Fibre mask - You can guess why I want to wait til lights are down and everyone else is sleeping to do this one. I will put on my fibre face mask and leave that on for 20-30minutes or longer if I like, after all I will have plenty of time. After my mask I will repeat steps 2 - 5 and then I will try to get some sleep! Although I am planning on trying to stay awake as long as I can (at least the first 6 hours) so I can go to sleep when Australia should be and then wake up with Australia - this is one of my tactics for not getting jetlag!
Throughout the flight I will be making sure I drink lots of water to stay hydrated I will also reapply eye cream and 8hr cream whenever (and wherever) I feel like it.

Once I wake up and after breakfast I will go to the bathroom to freshen up, brush my teeth & hair, apply some deodorant and probably repeat steps 1-5.

We are getting in at 5am so I don't really think I am going to put makeup on but I have packed some in case I feel like I need that extra freshen up. If I do I will use some pore professional mainly just around my nose to hide my pores and then use my fake up concealer under my eyes. Apply some mascara on the lashes, some cream blush on the apples of my cheeks and some 8hr cream on the lips. That's it and I will be ready to step back onto Australian soil! It's been a while!!

So all that probably seems like a lot and maybe over the top, but I think it's definitely going to be worth it and hopefully I will be walking off the long flight feeling refreshed! I will let you know how I go once I land. See you in Australia beauties!!