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Hello beauties,

I am back! Sorry I have been a MIA for a while, life is finally starting to settle down after moving back to Australia, going to New Zealand to visit my parents, living with my in-laws for a couple of months, finding a new job in Brisbane and then moving to Brisbane. Throw a 23rd birthday in there somewhere and its been a hectic few months. I can’t believe we have been back in Australia almost 3 months… this also means I haven’t blogged for 3 months – shameful. I hope you missed me!
I have been so excited to get back into blogging and am always writing down blog post ideas to keep me going once I got back up and running. So here I am now, blogging on my laptop with my hubby and 2 beautiful chihuahua's at my side and sipping on a green tea. Bliss.

I planned to kick off with a ‘life update’ but I feel like it might be a bit long winded and require a bit more thought so I will plan to get that one up in the next few weeks. Luckily this week I received my first order from so I thought this would be a good kick of starting point. 

So as I have said  I am back in Australia and this has resulted in me been a bit depressed about being back to paying Aussie prices for cosmetics!! For those that don’t live in Australia and aren’t sure what I am talking about – the price of cosmetics is pretty much double (in some cases triple) over here compared to the USA (Oh Baton Rouge, how I miss you!)
I decided to go on a bit of a mission to find some online stores that I would be able to get my beauty items from without paying a small fortune. Obviously none of these websites would end in!

I have a lot of ‘Wish List’ items but my shampoo and conditioner were about to run out and they became ‘need’ items which pushed them to the top of the online shopping list with an ‘urgent’ asterisk.

My shampoo and conditioner that was running low was the Tigi Bedhead Urban Antidote 2 (note to self – do a review on these) but I decided not to repurchase these and instead go back to Matrix cause I just really enjoy using their products. This time I wanted to get something that will help my colour last a bit longer. I had been looking at for a while and knew they had Matrix products so I decided to order from them. 

This was my experience.

Matrix Biolage Colorcaretherapie Color Care
250ml Shampoo  - $10.50AUD ($4.20 per 100ml)
250ml Conditioner - $11.50AUD ($4.60 per 100ml)
150ml Thermo Active Repair Cream - $16.60AUD ($11.06 per 100ml)
Premier Service - $2.55AUD
Total - $41.55 AUD

These prices are are heaps cheaper than the prices in Australia! I had a quick look around the internet and got a comparasion of how much it is to buy these products in AUS compared to and you can see from the price per 100ml below it's 1/2 the price of Australia.

AUS - From Hairhouse Warehouse
Matrix Biolage Colorcaretherapie Color Care
300ml Shampoo - $29AUD ($9.66 per 100ml)
250ml Condidioner - $29AUD ($11.6 per 100ml)
150ml Repair Cream - $29AUD ($19.33 per 100ml)
Postage - $0.00AUD
Total - $87.00AUD

The website states along the top “Free Shipping on all orders within Australia” and “Express delivery in 3-4 Working Days” which is obviously awesome! Who doesn't love free express shipping! However, when I was  checking out I had to pay $2.55 for ‘Premier Service’ which I assume is some sort of shipping fee (I wasn’t bothered by this though because well, its $2.55!! which is still really good for 3-4 working day international postage). I ordered on the  09/09/2013 and when I still hadn’t received my order by the 20/09/2013 I got a bit worried. I decided to check the delivery information page and found that to get the order within 3-4 working days there is an express post fee of $34.00 which I obviously didn’t pay. The standard delivery time was 7-10 working days so I worked out that I was on day 9 so it should arrive on Monday. Monday came and still no package. On Tuesday (11th working day) I was a bit anxious, but luckily my order was waiting in the post box for me! I guess I probably should have taken into account that we on different days to UK so according to them it may have come within that 7-10 working days… I dunno! 

Overall I was disappointed it too so long but I guess it was my fault for not paying the extra for express post (not that I would have paid that much anyway though) but I actually don’t remember there being an option to select express… I wonder what my $2.55 was for….

Ok so the packaging was really disappointing ! When I retrieved my box from the post box it was all crumbled and torn. This obviously isn’t’s fault and was the rough post people but I feel like the packaging could have been better as when I picked the box a bottle feel out of the tear in the corner straight away which made me worried thinking ‘are all my items even going to be in here’ when I opened the box luckily everything was there but it was just wrapped in brown paper. I think they would be better to have items in a box and then have a 2nd postage box when shipping internationally.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that had included 2 little samples (maybe this is what the $2.55 was for….) I received and “Anne Semonin Shampooing Doux” which I obviously don’t really need seeing as I just bought a whole bottle of shampoo. I  also received a sachet of “ZIRH face scrub with aloe” this I will definitely use! Thanks! 

There may have even been something else (maybe a conditioner to go with shampoo) that has fallen out of the box as it was the shampoo that fell out when I picked the box up.

Will I order from them again?
YES! YES! YES! Even though I was a little bit disappointed with the torn packaging and the shipping time, the prices are really good and I know that the products are genuine. Next time I will know how long the shipping time is and will be prepared for it – lets just hope the packaging is better.

A few of the things on my next order wishlist are:
- Stila In The Light Palette - $41.60
- Stila Custom Color Blush in Pink - $21.60
They have the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette ($62.90AUD) but I am really wanting to get Naked 2 so hopefully they get that soon!!
I have also been looking into using mail forwarding services so I can order direct from stores in the USA and have it forwarded on to me here. The one I think I might try is – I’ll let you know how I go if I do!

Let me know - What are your favourite online shopping sites for your beauty essentials?
Thanks for reading!

(PS - Sorry about the weird sizing of photos and the weird spacing! Blogger has decided to be a bit of a pain and either stretch the photos right out or make them super big. I didn't want to muck around trying to fix it and end up postponing when this blog post goes up)