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Happy Wednesday beauties,

Today's post is all about IMATS....

IMATS stands for International Makeup Artist Trade Show and it is an amazing event with lots of discounted makeup, lots of makeup shows and tips from some of the best in the industry. IMATS describes itself as 'the makeup worlds biggest gathering. Thousands of make-up artists, vendors and enthusiasts discuss, display and collect the best the industry has to offer. IMATS also features a make-up museum and an Afterglow party, where trade-show guests can socialize.'

IMATS is the first of its kind and is definitely a beauty girls heaven!!

IMATS is held in the following places:
Los Angeles
New York

Sydney IMATS was held a couple of weekends ago and I was super keen to attend but I was unorganised and it kind of snuck up on me. A last minute trip to Sydney unfortunately wasn't on the cards for me. But lucky for me a friend of mine was better planned than me and was heading down Sydney for IMATS so of course I sent her with my wishlist and this happened...... (sorry about another crappy photo! I have to remember to stop taking my photos in portrait when doing them on the iPhone!! or just start using a proper camera again!)
I am a little bit in love with this little collection! Here is what I got:

- Bioderma (500mls)
- Beauty Blender
- Blender Cleanser
- Ben Nye Banana Powder
- Ben Nye Cream Blush Palette
- Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
- Lime Crime Lipstick in 'Centrifuchsia'
- Lime Crime Lipstick in 'Geradium'

I definitely could have sent down a much larger list but I wanted to give myself a limit and stick with it! My current wishlist has a lot of MAC products on it that I really wanted to put on my IMATS list but I decided I should get things I can't just walk into a shop here in Brisbane and get (like I can with MAC) and I am so glad I went with the above items!

My friend only got back from Sydney on Friday so I have only had these in my hot little hands for a few days and haven't really had a chance to try them out enough to review them. I'll share some first impressions below but let me know if you want me to review any of these products in particular and I will try get that up to you. I definitely want to get a post up with some swatches of the blush palette and lipsticks cause they are beautiful!!


Bioderma (500mls): My skin feels so fresh and clean after using Bioderma! I've been using it every time to take my makeup off by wiping over face with a cotton pad (a couple of times depending on how much makeup I am wearing) and following with my usual face cleansing routine. Its a really nice, really gentle makeup remover! I have also noticed my pores seem to be smaller and less visible which of course is awesome because my pores are my number 1 skin concern! 

Beauty Blender and Cleanser: Haven't used the cleanser yet but LOVE LOVE LOVE the blender!! To be honest I wasn't sure what the big deal was about. I always thought it was just an overpriced cute looking sponge!! But it is definitely a lot better than your regular sponge. 'Blender' is an appropriate name for it as it blended my foundation out beautifully and really helped create the flawless airbrushed finish I was after.

Ben Nye Banana Powder: To be honest I am still playing with this one so I will have to get back to you! I plan to watch a few tutorials and work out how is going to be best to use it for me. Obviously being made famous by the Kim Kardashian look I am keen to try out a Kim Kardashian inspired look!

Ben Nye Cream Blush Palette: Haven't used this a whole lot but colours all look gorgeous in the palette and the couple that I have tried go on beautifully and blend out well. I am excited to try out some different looks with the brighter colours.

Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper: Can't really comment on this one just yet but can say its pretty thick! I was surprised, you have to give the tube a good little squeeze to get the product out. (more to come on this one once I have tried it properly)

Lime Crime Lipsticks - Centrifuchsia and Geradium: I was far too late to this party!!! I love lime crime lipsticks!!! The colours are beautiful and are so pigmented and last all day!! Really glad to have finally tried these and already planning what colours will be added to my collection next!!

If you were lucky enough to go to IMATS I would love to know what you picked up and what you thought of the whole show!! 

Love always,

Ps - Thank you to the lovely Ashlee for picking up my IMATS items! You are definitely on my favourite person list!!

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