Christmas Wish List / Gift Guide

Hello beauties,

Christmas is only around the corner! Every year it's around this time I wonder where on earth the last 12 months went, it is actually crazy to look back at the past year and think of all the changes that have happened in my life!

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year! I love everything about the season! I love the reason behind the season, the decorations in the stores, the lights on the houses, the delicious Christmas treats, the time spent with family, the holidays, the Christmas spirit all around and especially the Christmas carols! There is just so much to love about Christmas!

I wanted to do a bit of Christmas wish list / gift guide idea list! Those of you who are organised will probably already have your gift lists sorted but for any last minute shoppers here are some idea's for the beauties in your life (or for your own wishlist)! This list was originally going to be a hint list for hubby, but he's already got my present (so excited) so now it's sole purpose is sharing idea's with you!

Each idea will link to a site that you can purchase from in Australia.

(Please note these are all just products that I like. I am not affiliated with these stores or brands in anyway)







NYX (Target)
I am really excited that target now sell NYX (yay!!) so of course I had to add a few items from them:



Being the make up, beauty and all things pretty enthusiast that I am, I could go on and on and on with gorgeous gift ideas, but I should leave it there for now!

Of course if you really aren't sure what gift to get, gift cards are always a great idea. I know some people say that gift cards aren't personal and can be seen as not putting in much thought but I think that is a dated thought now. People can be fussy and prefer to choose their own gifts and as a bonus it gives them the opportunity to snap up some boxing day sales if they want! I know that if someone wasn't quite sure about a gift for me, I would probably prefer a gift card (even if it was for $10) rather than getting something that I won't really use.

Also if you are unsure, there is a different gift you can get for loved ones this year! You can purchase a gift from Oxfam. Gifts ideas include Goats, Donkeys, Ducks and more (I told you it was a bit different)! The person you are buying for won't actually receive a physical gift from Oxfam, instead they will receive a card explaining that their gift has been donated to the less fortunate and it will explain how the gift will impact the lives of those who it has been donated to! I did this for my dad a few years ago and he absolutely loved it. It's a great 'feel good' present for both you and the recipient! Be sure to check out the website for some more info!

Please leave me a comment with what is on your Christmas wish list and if you have done a Christmas wish list on your blog please leave a link - I want to see it! :)

Happy Christmas shopping beauties!!