HOP SHOP GO Mail Forwarding Service Review

Hi beauties,

As promised I am finally getting around to reviewing HOP SHOP GO! If you are interested in being able to online shop in USA then please do keep reading!!

What is Hop Shop Go?...

 As you will see on the website (linked above), HSG is a mail forwarding service from USA making it easier for people in other counties shop from USA stores.

How it works...

Once you sign up for Hop Shop Go (through your PayPal account) you will be allocated a code and address in the Hop Shop Go warehouse in Portland, Oregon. To shop you have the option to go to a stores website direct and ship your goods to the warehouse address that you were provided with or for websites that do not accept Australian credit cards (which lets be honest is most of them) you can order through Hop Shop Go and they will purchase for you and charge your PayPal account.

The great thing about the address being in Portland, Oregon - there is no tax added at checkout! Woo hoo!

Once your goods have arrived at the warehouse your account will be update showing what has arrived and is currently in your HSG storage (shown below in 'Image 1'). You then have up to 30 days storage in case you want to make other orders from other stores and forward them all to yourself together. Make sure you keen an eye on how many free storage days you have left (show in Image 1) as you don't want to end up with storage fees.

The next step is to forward your goods to your home (or postal) address in Australia (or whatever country you are in) and pay for the postage. The downside is, you don't know how much the postage is going to be until your goods have arrived at HSG and you forward them. The cost is all by weight unless you use 'Live Quote' where you enter the URL for the product at the store you want to buy it from, enter the quantity and where it is shipping to. If 'Live Quote' is online then you will get a quote straight away, if not you will have to wait. You can the purchase a guarantee for your shipping to be that amount and no more (even if the package is heavier than the estimated).

From the quotes I have done I think the costing is roughly this to Brisbane, Australia:

It is always rounded to the nearest 500g

First 500g - 24
Up to 1kg - 28
Up to 1.5kg - 32

So basically it is $24 for the first 500g and then $4 per extra 500g. I only worked this out through doing live quotes for items in the weigh ranges so this is only a rough guide! This also does not include compulsory fuel charges and insurance charges (shown in Image 3). But they do offer a 10% discount for PayPal users (also shown in Image 3).

 My experience:...

I placed the following orders myself direct through each brands USA website.

Shopping date: 12 November 2013
Date arrived at HSG: 19 & 22 November 2013
Date I shipped to Aus: 22 November 2013
Date received in Aus: 28 November 2013

Image 1 - Packages arrived at HSG ready to be forwarded

Image 2

Image 3


One thing that is disappointing about  HSG is that you cannot order direct from Sephora site as Sephora will not ship to that address as it is not unique. BUT you can order from Sephora through the HSG site. But they use their own Sephora account, not your own. This was frustrating for me as I had a $15 Sephora voucher that I wanted to use to get the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette but I couldn't use the voucher if I went through HSG because it was on my account! It also means if you have a beauty insider account you won't get your points! But hey - sometimes we can't have it all!!

You should also note that they do not ship nail polish's, perfume or any other alcohol based liquids - which is a bit annoying! :(

HSG also has an iPhone app which is pretty cool to be able to shop, ship and track on the go!

Overall I am REALLY happy with HOP SHOP GO and will use them to forward mail to Australia again! Shopping it so much cheaper overseas and if I do a few orders at once I will still end up saving a lot more than what it would have cost in Australia.

If you have any other questions about my HSG experience please leave a comment. Also if you have used HSG or any other mail forwarding services, please let me know your experience!

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  1. was the weight they quoted you the actual weight of your items? i want to order some things from Ulta but i am worried about the numerous negative reviews about ridiculously overpriced shipping.

  2. Avoid Hopshopgo like the plague. They confirmed receipt of packages worth US$1500 but subsequently told me they lost them. They offered to refund the amount and asked for receipts. When they saw the amount they'll need to refund they changed their mind, and offered to only refund the shipping amount. I couldn't call them. I could only text chat with them during their office hours or email them. Any email I send I have to wait 1 business day to receive a lengthy, but worthless reply. In then end I have lost $1500, and got their sincerest apologies in return.

  3. Hopshopgo is overpriced. I needed a monitor from Amazon shipped to my overseas location. Amazon was going to charge me $97 dollars for the shipping. Hopshopgo quot when I asked them for one was $350.

  4. NEVER EVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY, have lost my parcels and their online chat is as useless as reading yourself the phone book! they use cut and paste replies and is the worst worst worst customer service I have ever come across

  5. DO NOT USE HSG or comGateway. They are thieves. Lost my item worth of $550 inside their warehouse itself even before shipping. Charged for 1.5Kg without repackaging when my item is only 0.8Kg. No phone no to contact. I lost my item, money and time.

  6. I have a question, did the Australian custom not charge any extra duties? I'm wondering because in France they are very strict...Thanks for any help and answers!

  7. I use Shipville and I am very satisfied.