Happy New Year


To start off the year I wanted to do post about why I started blogging and what I hope to achieve from it this year.

Aside from the obvious point that I was a bit bored while living in the USA for six months while my hubby worked, blogging is actually something I have wanted to do for a long time! 

Growing up I have always been a social person. My mum always called me her little social butterfly. I would love to talk to other people and made best friends with every other child I met! I also loved the sound of my own voice... let be honest, I still do! I also love to write things, even lists....ok, especially lists!!

I first made a blog when we vacationed in USA for the first time in January 2011. I decided to do a travel blog so I could share our journey with family and friends. To be honest I didn't even care if someone read it or not, I just loved writing things down and talking for the sake of it and then reading back over my own words. Knowing I could look back on so much detail of our holiday when I got home was also great motivation to keep it up.

From then I always wanted to blog again but I never knew what I could blog about. Given we were living overseas for 6 months, holidaying and visiting lots of new places,  I COULD have blogged about that but like any other travel blog - it would have come to an end and I didn't want that! I wanted a blog that I could build new friendships though and share different stages of my life with people.

While I wasn't working I started reading and following more and more blogs and found that I loved reading about other peoples lives and it didn't have to be all a certain theme (like travel), it was just their own slice of the internet where everyone shared the passions in their life. This was exactly what I wanted, a place where I could write about the things I love and the things I am passionate about and being able to share that with others who share the same passions.

So I decided to be brave and follow a dream - I created a lifestyle and beauty blog! I was honestly really nervous about creating this blog! 'What if people don't like it?', 'What if people think I am lame?', 'What if I make mistakes?', 'What if no one reads it?' 'What if.....' the negative thoughts and self doubt continued and these thoughts still pop up before I post!

Sometimes my readers will take something from my blog and sometimes they won't. Sometimes people will think I'm good at blogging and others may think I'm rubbish. I guess it's the risk you take. There will always be risks when you follow a dream, but you have to weigh up the risk compared to the dream and ask yourself what is more important!

Being the new year one of my 'resolutions' is to dedicate more time to my blog and commit myself more! I often neglect my blog and it can be a while between posts (as some of you may have noticed) but I have found once I get set on writing a post and get into blogging again I don't want to stop! But then of course 'life' happens again and I get distracted and the cycle starts again - hmmmf.

This year I also want to make sure that I don't pressure myself to become something or someone I am not. I don't want to let the negative thoughts influence the way I write and prevent me from sharing something I am passionate about, at the end of the day I just want to be able to say, this is me and hopefully you will enjoy it!

Over time some of my loves and passions will develop and some will change and that is the direction my blog will follow in. That was the reason I didn't want to restrict my blog to being specialised around one area. Life with Lucee is exactly that - LIFE with ME! This is about what's in my life and I hope that those who read it enjoy doing life with me through this blog.

Right now and over the past few months my passion has been beauty and all things beauty related, it is just what I really love and so that is the direction my blog has been heading in, but as my life changes I want to share those changes with you. Hopefully there will be a time in the future when my husband will promote me from wife to mum!!  I want to be able to use this space to share that experience and that was a vision I had when creating this blog.

In this year I want to explore and grow in my passions more and I hope you enjoy me sharing that with you. I have loved discovering and following other blogs. I love to read about your lives and be apart of it and watch you grow and I hope people will feel the same about my blog.

I am really looking forward to 2014! I am determined to make this another great year for my husband and I. There is so much to look forward to and I know it can be whatever we make it!

My little bit of new year advice to you this year, and what I am choosing to take on board, is just to be positive! Find the positive in each situation you face no matter how small or how hidden it might seem. Your attitude and outlook can change a situation and maybe even change your year!!

Wishing you all and your families a very happy new year! Chase your dreams, and make this your year!

With love,

Lucee xxx