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Welcome to part 2 of my Lorac Mega Pro review. If you missed part 1, you can find it here. Part 1 was a review on the shipping  & receiving my palette and I didn't talk about how beautiful the palette is - that's what this post is for.

A couple of things I didn't mention in my last post was postage time & costs. As mentioned, I ordered the palette from as they were posting internationally (Woo hoo!)

Store - Amazons LORAC Store (no longer available)
Date ordered - October 7th
Date received - October 22nd
Palette cost - $69.90 AUD each
Postage cost -$5.25AUD each
Total -$75.15 AUD each
Value for money - Each individual eyeshadow works out to be $2.40 each! Which is amazing value for money especially when you compare it to a Revlon Colourstay quad which is $23.95 per palette (in Australia) which is $5.98 per shadow. The Lorac is cheaper per shadow and it's a professional quality shadow and just so much nicer!!

LORAC is well known for the LORAC Pro Palette & the LORAC Pro 2 palette. These are LORACs best sellers and each have 16 eyeshadows - 8 matte & 8 shimmer shadows. They retail for $42USD each and quickly became popular in the beauty world due to being a really beautiful product!

LORAC announced that they were bringing out a limited edition holiday palette that would be called the Lorac Mega Pro palette and would be the size of 2 pro palettes combined. I have been obsessing over the palette since the previews were released on Instagram & I am really glad I was able to get one. Even though this is limited edition and no longer available I really do think that another lot will be released due to all the shipping problems the first lot had. So if you are wanting to grab one, keep an eye out on the stores.

There was concern that due to the palette being a limited edition holiday palette that the quality of shadow might not be as good as the Pro & Pro 2 but I can say that quality was definitely not compromised with this palette and is in fact on point with the other two palettes.

Of the 36 colours, only 4 colours are repeated from either the Pro Palette or the Pro 2 Palette and they are; cream, white, espresso & black. Everything else is a brand new & unique to this palette which I think is really awesome.

The palette is definitely brown & neutral dominated which is very holiday appropriate for USA as they are coming into fall and a lot of these shades are fall appropriate colours. Luckily neutral is very universal and is also my go to look. I like that this palette has some great pops of colour as well as some jewel toned shades, it helps the palette to become a lot more versatile and I think everyone would be able to create a few looks that they will love with it.


I know there are 3047 swatches around the internet but I have taken my own as well. The photo's do not do the colours justice! I probably should have taken some more closer up photos to show the beauty of the colours, especially the sheen in the shimmer shades. Maybe I might have to do an update with some close ups as now I look at my swatches they look more matte rather than shimmer. The colours are all so beautiful and so pigmented! My swatches are literally one light swipe of the colour on my finger and then swiped onto my arm. Most of them are so creamy, although I did find a couple to be a little bit more powdery.


I think I have already made it pretty obvious that I absolutely LOVE this palette. My first impression on this palette was honestly WOW! WOW when I opened it and first saw the colours and WOW when I first used it! Holy pigmented! I was expecting the pigment to be  on the same level as the Naked Palettes but I think the LORAC shadows are heaps more pigmented! I had way to much on my brush when I picked the first colour up. You only need to be really light handed when using this palette (its definitely going to last me a long time!!)

This is a really beautiful palette and could easily become a go to palette. I also really love the massive mirror that it comes with, it will be great for me as I often do my makeup in the car. A few people have complained about the size of the palette and it not being very travel friendly. I think this is being really picky as I don't know how else you would get 36 shadows in one palette and it is super sleek so I really don't think I will have any trouble traveling with it.

I hope you enjoyed this review. I wanna see your looks with this palette so make sure you tag me on instagram (@lifewithlucee) & also follow me to keep an eye out for my looks using this palette.

Love Lucee xx

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