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If you follow me on my new Instagram (@lifewithlucee) you would have seen that I got an exciting new package and I am so excited to share with you.

I had been eying off the Lorac Pro and Lorac Pro 2 palettes for a while so when I saw that the Lorac Mega Pro was coming out it went straight to the top of my list! I had to have it (you'll see why)!

When I saw that Amazon would be selling it and offered internationally shipping my life was complete! So on the day it was released we excitedly waited for it to be in stock. We thought we had missed out (it's suppose to be limited edition) as the first lot sold out really quickly but luckily for us a second lot was released later that day and we were able to get it! YAY! 

I think the expected shipping time was about 8-11 days which was pretty good. After about a week I saw others were receiving there orders and heaps of them were broken due to bad packaging. These people were in USA so we were really worried about what ours would arrive like. Surely they would be packaged a bit better for international shipping though. Right?

 We crossed our fingers and hoped it wouldn't happen to us! So did it? Check out the photos below!

Postage packaging:

This is how two palettes came. Wrapped in some cardboard. This is the type of packaging that you would use for hard books, not expensive eyeshadow palettes. I can see why so many palettes were damaged.

First look:

As soon as we opened the cardboard outside we knew that at least one of the palettes was going to be smashed. You can see below that there was pigment around the cardboard. NOOOOO!

The Palette: 

More shadow pigment in the next box. We prepared for the worst and luckily it wasn't too bad. Each palette only had two or three cracked shadows. We were still really disappointed though.

Contacting Amazon:

As soon as we opened our package and found that it was broken we contacted Amazon! We did this through the live chat on their website. I ended up doing this with two different people as half way through my first chat we lost connection. Basically I explained that we had received damaged goods and expected a refund. Amazon offered to send a return label for me to return the items and then when they receive the item they would give a full refund or alternatively they would refund $65 as compensation and then that is where the conversation lost connection so I started a new one and for that I have a transcript so can show you my exact reply:

Amazon: Okay, I do see where the connection was lost. And the issue was that you have received a damaged item, is that correct?

Lucee: Yes

Amazon: Okay and you have requested to return the item for a refund? Just checking for confirmation

Lucee: I received two options but unfortunately I don’t think either of these options resolve the issue. I appreciate that this is an attempt to compensate for the inconvenience . I am not happy with a $65 refund as that does not even cover the cost for 1 palette. I also don’t think I should have to be out of pocket a further 2 weeks (or even possibly more) by waiting for the product to get back to Amazon and then for refund to be processed. I have already waited two weeks and received a damaged product which is your companies fault due to poor packaging.

Amazon: I understand that Lucee I am really sorry. Not to worry though what I can do is process a full refund for you at no additional cost.

There was obviously some other transcript but I just kept the important parts. Overall I think the customer service from Amazon was really great. They are clearly aware of this issue and have done what they can to rectify it. I feel like she knew I was going to push for a refund as they have probably had it a few times with the feedback that I have seen.

Thank you amazon for addressing the issue and offering us the refund. I am sure next time I shop with you my package will come bubble wrapped in a padded bag, in a box of foam.

Cleaning up:

So once I knew I was keeping the palette I decided to try and clean it up a bit. As you can see below they actually came up pretty good. Not perfect but I cleaned up the edges with a wipe and then press and set the loose shadows. I did this by wetting my fingers with an alcohol swab and gently pressing the shadow back in and then let it dry. I've wiped all the rest of the loose shadow away & I am pretty happy with the result (especially now that it was free).

Crisis adverted!

Obviously it has ended up being a big score for me as I now have the Lorac Mega Pro palette for free. I don't know if I feel bad about that... I kind of do because it's ended up being OK and I am getting a full refund but on the other hand it was a massive disappointment to receive a broken product and it was a hassle having to try and fix it.

I am just going to take this one as a win and I am sure amazon is aware that this is a big mistake and a massive loss for them as I know I'm not the only one to be refunded.
I actually feel really bad for Lorac! They have released this amazing palette and all the focus has been on the poor packaging from amazon rather than the beautiful eyeshadows.

I actually haven't even swatched the eyeshadows yet as I've been so focused on cleaning the palette.

I was going to do a first impressions in this post but I think I might try give Lorac the glory they deserve and save it for another post. Look out for Lorac Mega Pro Part Two!

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