Juice detox | Day 1

Hi guys,

I have decided to do another juice detox, but this time I am going to document it as I think I really benefit from juicing and think others will too.

I have loved juicing for a while and have actually previously uploaded a post on the benefits of juicing - click here to read it. I have continued to juice on and off since then and have also completed 2 juice fasts / detoxes. The first one I did was a 5 day detox and the second one was for 10 days.

Every time I juice I always feel like I have so much more energy, mind clarity and generally feel a lot happier. I have also lost between 4-6kgs each time, which I know is just water weight but it feels nice to feel lighter and healthier.

I haven't decided how many days I want to do this juice detox for yet, I think I will see how I go. I would like to try for 30 but I'm not sure if I can commit to that yet.

Yesterday I bought a whole lot of greens, ready to get my juice on last night but then I got distracted and didn't really feel like juicing. But luckily I bought some Nudi veggie juices as back up so I could still start today. Nudi juices are great as they are just fruit and veggie juice with no added sugars or nasties. I know that these are not as good as fresh home made juice but I find they are really good to have as a backup when juicing. There are times when you just don't feel like juicing and having this in the fridge helps you from giving up on the detox.

I also decided that because I want to do this detox for longer than the other times, I am going to allow myself to have clean smoothies and sometimes salads or a clean meal so it's not as strict. Salads or clean meals definitely won't be an everyday thing but I just think it will work better for me at the moment. We have a couple of parties this month and I want to still be able to enjoy them without thinking I am failing if I have eat something, but in saying that I definitely want to keep anything I eat clean and healthy!! I guess that means it's not actually juice detoxing that I am doing this time, but I am mainly going to be having juice so we will still go with that. I think if I do it less intense I have more chance of lasting longer too!

My hope for these blog posts is to have a daily summary of how I have felt and what I have consumed as well as hopefully being able to give some tips and advice on juicing and some delicious recipes.


I felt normal today, I got hungry at about 12.45pm, which is normal lunch time for me. I'm already having to pee a lot which is part of the detox process so that's a good sign, I guess.  I was hoping to take the dogs for a walk and I did have the energy for it but it looked like it was going to rain so I didn't get to do that. Sorry pups!

7:30am - Inner health plus capsule and glass of water

8:15am - Blueberry Pina Colada Smoothie by Joe Cross / Reboot with Joe (recipe here)

9:30am - Herbal Tea: Rose and Vanilla

11:00am - 300ml Nudi Veggie Juice (Beetroot, apple, carrot, pineapple and mint)

1:00pm - Smoothie:1 x Frozen Banana, 5 x Frozen Strawberries, 1 cup Honey Almond Milk

2:00pm - Herbal Tea: Green Tea & Mint

4:00pm - 300ml Nudi Veggie Juice (Beetroot, apple, carrot, pineapple & mint)

4:30pm - Herbal Tea: Chai

7:30pm - Fresh Green Juice (Recipe on tomorrows post)

8:30pm - Herbal Tea: Camomile and Spearmint

Water intake - 4 x 800ml bottles (plus herbal teas)


Water intake:
Water intake is reallllly, reallllly important, especially when detoxing! It helps flush out the toxins. A lot of people think the recommend water intake is 8 glasses or 2ltrs per day but this actually isn't enough, it is recommended that you have at least 1ltr of water per 25kgs of body weight. I keep a water bottle on desk and continually sip it throughout the day as well as having herbal teas.

How much juice to have:
Something that I think is important to note is that the amount of juice I am consuming is what suits me and wouldn't suit everyone. If you are going to be juicing a guide to follow is at least 1ltr of vegetable juice a day and have juice whenever you are hungry (within reason). If I feel like I am hungry enough to have another juice, I try to have a big glass of water or a cup of tea first and then usually find I don't really need a juice yet.

What kind of juice to have:
Although fruit juices may taste better, try to stick to veggie juices as even though it's natural, fruit juices still contain a lot of sugar. When making a juice try and stick to an 80:20 rule, being 80% vegetables and 20% fruit.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you! Please be sure to comment with any questions or tips that you find helpful with juicing!!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I am not a naturopath, doctor or dietician. This is just my personal experience and anyone looking to do a juice detox should consult their own doctor first.