Juice Detox | Day 3 - Less strict, more often

Today wasn’t a normal day for me, I attended a seminar and this put me out of routine and therefore I cheated treated a little bit.

I purposely wrote and then crossed out cheated because for me its important to remember that just because today I had something that wasn’t juice it doesn’t mean I cheated. If I let myself think I cheated then I would probably end up with the mentality that ‘I’ve cheated and wrecked my juice detox now so I might as well just stop juicing and eat whatever I want’ and that’s not what I want to do. I do want to mention that it’s a treat though so that it doesn’t become an everyday thing.

So what did I have? I had a small soy latte and a small chicken with leafy green salad. 

The coffee was in the morning tea break to get me through until lunchtime when I could have a juice. I’ll be completely honest; the salad was me being lazy. I got home late and after a long day and I really couldn’t be bothered juicing. This is my fault for not being prepared but this is also reason I said I wasn’t going to be as strict this time. I know that life happens and juice isn’t always going to be an option so as long as I can keep it healthy then I will be happy with myself.

 ‘Less strict, more often’ is what I am going for in hope that if I am less strict on myself for this detox then I will be able to do it for longer.

I was expecting headaches today given that in the past I have normally had detox headaches on day 3, but I didn’t get them, which is good. This could be because I have been having premade juices that have more fruit (and therefore sugar) than usual.

A tip for today is ‘if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. Not saying that I failed by having a coffee and eating dinner today but if I was more prepared and had more juice ready to drink or if I hadn’t of left it so late before consuming something I probably would have had juice rather than eating dinner.

This weekend may be a little bit off too as we are heading to a blueberry farm. I have tried to be prepared and have packed a few juices but we may end up going out for dinner so who knows.


7:15 – Inner health plus capsule & glass of water

8:15 – Small green juice

10:30  - Small soy latte

1:00 – 1ltr Nudi juice – 'Tomato, apple, carrot, lemon, beetroot, cucumber & a pinch of salt' (Yep I was super hungry)

4:00 – Watermelon  & pineapple juice

7:30 – Small chicken and leafy green salad

Water intake – 3 x 800ml bottle

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