Hey guys,

You're probably guessing that because I haven't been on the blog, I probably gave up juicing after day 3 but I actually didn't! I just slacked off on blogging. There were two reasons for that:

1 - We were away for the weekend with no phone reception (which was actually cool and I want to do a post on this as I have some pretty photos to share) 

2 - I actually started feeling unwell while we were away and have still felt a bit off since 

Given I have been feeling a bit off, I haven't been having just juice. Most days I have had juice for breakfast, lunch & snacks, then had healthy dinners at night but there have also been days that I've only had juice for breakfast & then food in the day because I've felt like had to eat. I think it's really important to listen to what your body wants as this is generally what it needs. 

I don't think the feeling unwell was juicing related. I think it was just me generally being off, and I actually think if I wasn't juicing & getting heaps more nutrients than usual I probably would have been feeling a lot worse! So, thank you juicing!! 

I've still had at least one juice everyday & what's good is that I'm still loving it and actually craving it!

I have decided that I am going to leave my daily juicing journey on the blog here as I realised it's probably not that interesting. It's just something that's current for me, and even though that's what my blog is about I would rather put my journey out there and then random updates every now and again rather than repetitive posts. Please leave me a comment if you have any questions about my juicing journey & I'll be sure to answer :)

The big positive from this little experiment though is that it got me excited about blogging again. Which is what I have needed after a while off. In saying that, I hope to be back on the blog more frequently so look forward to more posts coming soon!

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