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On the weekend I went to a baby shower for a lovely friend of mine. As soon as I got her invite and saw nappies on the suggested gift items I knew straight away that I wanted to make a nappy cake! I have always wanted to make one but for some reason just haven't! I definitely will be making more of these! This was super easy & fun to make so I thought I would share how to to do it with you guys. 

For the base & centre:  
Cardboard, scissors, tape, wrapping paper, hot glue gun, paper towel roll & toilet paper roll
For the cake: 
57 Nappies (give or take - This depends on how tight you stack them), 57 small rubber bands, 1 large rubber band, curling ribbon
For decorating: 
Pretty ribbons, hot glue gun, any other cute items you like. I used: Rose bunches, booties, headband and a chalkboard name tag

Sorry for the lack of detailed photos. I was too excited about making a time lapse so you could see it in action. Check out the video below (it's pretty cool)! Thanks to my clever hubby for setting this up for me!

BEFORE YOU START: Make sure you have a clean surface, tools & hands. You want to make sure that the mummy-to-be can actually use the nappies!

Step 1 - Make your base
Cut 2 semi circles out of you cardboard, stick together then cover with pretty wrapping paper.

Step 2 - Make the centre of your cake
Attach the toilet roll to the paper towel roll with a hot glue gun then stick to your covered base. This is going to be the centre that you stack your nappies around.

Step 3 - Roll your nappies
While your glue cools and sets, roll all your nappies and hold with a rubber band. Make sure you roll from the top to the bottom to keep it neat. Also try and get them nice and tight. Be consistant with this - it helps the cake look neater at the end.

Step 4 - Stack, stack, stack! 
I found the easiest way to make sure everything stayed together was to do it layer by layer going outwards. So stack 5 around the paper towel roll and then tie around it with curling ribbon to hold it all in place. Then cut the rubber bands! Be super careful when you are cutting the rubber bands, you don't want to accidentally cut the curling ribbon, trust me (yep, did it twice - whoops)! Repeat this until your bottom layer is done, then do the next layer on top. I found with the second layer that by the time you got to the outside of the layer it was hard to keep the nappies in place so I ended up using a large rubber band around a few and then added to it until my layer was complete. This is shown better in the video rather than how I have explained in this step (sorry!).

Step 5 - Decorate
Once you have the base of your cake all done it's time to make it pretty! This is really where your own creativity comes in. I tend to link more simple looks so I just went for alternating ribbon around the layers with a couple of little decorative items added in here and there. I used my hot glue gun to hold my ribbon as this needs to have a strong hold so you don't lose your nappies. I used a pretty headband as the cake topper with some adorable booties on the second tier and then randomly added a couple of cute paper rose bunches that I found at a craft store.

I was really proud of this cake and everyone at the baby shower loved it too, especially the mummy-to-be!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Love Lucee xx

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