Happy Monday beauties!

Let me brighten your Monday with this GORGEOUS colour from Blue Sky Shellac!

This colour is '40506' which is a dupe for CND's 'Tutti Fruitti'. The colour is absolutely stunning and I love how shiny it looks. It's a hot magenta pink with flecks of blue when it hits the sun and is sure to turn heads.

I received this colour in my starter kit when I first started using Shellac and it's often been my go to shade. The best place to buy Bluesky shellac seems to be eBay although I am unsure if their numbering system has changed as the bottle 40506 on eBay seems to be a bit different!

Like the EpicNail shellac that I reviewed last week, the Bluesky is a lot thinner than the CND shellac which, I think, makes it easier to apply.

I usually apply 3 coats of this colour but was feeling lazy so I went with 2, and I think it actually looks fine with 2.

I find that the Bluesky shellac is easier to remove than the EpicNail shellac as it comes off all together rather then chipping. I find this helps my nails to be less damaged afterwards too!

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Hope you liked this post.

All my love, Lucee xx

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