Happy Monday lovelies!!!!

I have a sneaky Monday post for you! Just a quick post to show you what is on my nails this week!

I was going to a baby shower for a baby girl over the weekend and I really wanted something cute and girly on my nails but I just wasn't really wanting pink. I feel like I have been going pink often lately and I just wanted to shake it up a little bit. I am so glad I did because this colour is amazing!
The colour is 'Lilac' and is a shellac polish from Epic Nails 'Extended' range. 'Lilac' is a perfect muted bright purple which is definitely so on trend right now! I've only had this on for 1 1/2 days and I am already so obsessed with it. I think I will definitely be reapplying this when it comes off!

I have found Epic Nail shellac polishes to be really good! The formula is pretty thin so you always have to do 3 coats but I actually don't mind. If I am honest I think I prefer the thin consistency of the Epic Nail shellac rather than the CND shellac which is really thick. I find it makes it heaps easier to apply and I can achieve an even coat easier.

Shellac is suppose to last up to 2 weeks but on me it just doesn't (on my hands that is - my toes last forever!). I don't know what I do with my hands to chip my nails so easily but somehow I always end up with a chip somewhere and then end up pulling them all off. I do think I have had a shellac manicure last the two weeks before but can't remember what brand it was. It was probably when I was USA & not working. I don't actually mind if a mani doesn't last me the whole two weeks though as I do like to change colours more frequently.

There's nothing fancy about the photos below, they are just as is from my iPhone, I didn't want to brighten or apply any editing to make sure the true colour comes out. I did try and get a few photos in different lighting to make sure you could see how stunning this colour is though!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Leave me a comment below letting me know what on your nails this week!

Love Lucee

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