Christmas is definitely my most favourite holiday of the year. I get so excited over beautiful Christmas decorations, lights, displays, carols and all things festive! 

Christmas decorating is one of my favourite parts of the season, especially my Christmas tree & presents!

On the boxing day before Marty & I were married, while Marty was looking for home wear stuff, I was looking for decorations to create the perfect Christmas tree! I was so excited for my first, very own Christmas tree and wanted to make it perfect. Each year my Christmas tree has been gold because I just love gold trees and think it looks so pretty and classic. 

Each year I add a new ornament and you guessed it, it's always gold! One day I might shake it up and do something different but until then I will continue to rock my beautiful gold tree.

Last year I wrapped my presents in red which added a bit of festive colour to my tree but this year I decided to stick with the gold theme and also added a bit black and white.

I had to share some photos with you because I think it looks amazing and wanted to give you some wrapping inspo!

When it came to purchasing papers and ribbon I didn't have a set idea of what I wanted and I think that made it work better as I was inspired as I went. I got everything from different stores so will list below where I got what:
  • Metallic gold paper - Harris Scarfe
  • Gold & white geometric print - Earthborn Home Wares
  • Black & white stripe - The Reject Shop
  • Gold 'Merry Christmas' print - Woolworths
  • Brown paper - Discount Store
  • Gold spot round box - The Reject Shop
  • Black ribbons - Discount Store
  • Gold present bow - The Reject Shop
  • Thick gold mesh ribbon - Discount Store
  • Gold metallic ribbon - The Reject Shop
I am always on the look for pretty wrapping so picked up some of this stuff during the year but most of it came out around Christmas time.

If you look at the picture at the back on the right side you will see I did also get a bit creative and took a gold sharpie to some brown paper! I thought this turned out pretty cute!

Hope you like this post.

All my love, Lucee xx

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