I'm not really into the 'new year, new you' thing so I didn't want to do a post on resolutions 'to become a better person'. I've spent almost 25 years becoming the person I am and I may not be perfect but I've finally accepted and learned to love the person I am. So to make a resolution to become 'better' to me says I'm not good enough as I am and I'm not a fan of that. I will always aim to be the best version of myself I can be but that's not a NYE resolution it's just a daily choice and not something I can't fail.

I thought I would do a list of ideas for beauty resolutions though as the new year is a great time to start a new habit!

If you do have 'new you' New Years resolutions, good for you! I'm not against it or anything, it's just not for me. I definitely wish you all the best in following through with your resolutions!  

WASH OFF YOUR MAKEUP EVERY MORNING AND EVERY NIGHT: So, so important and I think this is something we are all guilty of not doing at some point. Last year I was really bad at this so this year I will definitely be aiming to keep on top of this! It definitely helps that I've been excited to wash my face lately since hubby got me a Clarisonic for Christmas!

EAT BETTER: You know that saying 'you are what you eat' well so is your skin! My skin is always at its very best when I am juicing and as soon as I stop my skin gets flaws. Your skin craves all those vitamins and nutrients. If you want healthy looking & glowing skin, start eating better! 

DRINK MORE WATER: Just like the above! Your skin needs and craves water! Drinking more water won't only just hydrate your skin, it will also help purify it! 

SHAKE THINGS UP: You know that 'go to look' that looks so good you did it for most the year!! STOP! I know it looks good and you like it but this year why not shake it up. Set a goal to try a new lip shade or eyeshadow every month.

HIGH END MUST HAVES NOT BARGAINS JUST BECAUSE: Remember that $50 eyeshadow palette that you spent most of the year dreaming about getting but couldn't justify the price so you didn't get it. But then Priceline had a sale and you spent $50 on a few products you didn't absolutely love but just bought cause they were a bargain... I think you know what I am getting at here. Stop buying 'stuff' just cause it's cheap and instead buy products that you really, really want and know that you will use all the time! 

 LOOK AFTER YOUR HAIR MORE: If you are trying to grow you hair out, cutting it seems like a step backwards but trust me, it's for the better. You need to get rid of those dead ends to encourage your hair to grow and not just that, your hair will feel so much better after a trim! While I would love to target every 6 weeks, I need to set achievable goals so I am going to go with every 3 months! Heat styling isn't doing you too many favours either! Try and save heat styling for special occassions instead of for everyday! This will definitely improve your hair.

SET A REGULAR BED TIME & GET MORE BEAUTY SLEEP: This makes me sound old I know but too often lately I have been getting into bed at a decent time but then I sit on my phone for an hour or so which keeps me up longer and is probably straining my eyes more. Super ironic that it's currently 10:30pm, lights have been out for an hour and I'm writing this post on my phone. But not next year haha! Beauty sleep isn't just an excuse for girls to sleep in! Our bodies recover and repair when we sleep and we need to allow our bodies adequate time to do so! 

LAUGH MORE: In my old age I think I am becoming too serious and don't laugh half as much as I should! There are heaps of statistics that show that laughing is so good for us. It can improve your mood, health, reduce stress & pain as well as releasing anger, fear, guilt, anxiety and tension. 

PUT MORE PRIORITY ON SUNSCREEN: If you aren't already using sunscreen then you need to start and not just on your face.  I already do this sometimes but this year I am going to make sure I use sunscreen on my hands and feet before using UV lamp for setting shellac. UV is so damaging on our skin and too often this is overlooked.

NO MAKEUP DAYS: Allow your skin to have a break and plan to have at least 1 or 2 makeup free days a week! Give you face a chance to breathe instead of spending everyday clogged with makeup.

WASH MAKEUP BRUSHES: This can be a tedious task if you have a lot of makeup brushes and it's something I am guilty of not doing often enough! But think of all the bacteria that is just chilling in those bristles waiting to transfer onto your face everyday. YUK!

MASTER FALSE LASHES: So often I want to wear false lashes but don't because I can't be bothered with the effort. Some people can put lashes on so effortlessly and that is my goal!

PERFECT YOUR BROWS: If you don't love your brows it's time to start seeing someone new! Brows are still so on trend and there's no excuse for average brows anymore. If you think your brows are still average start looking for a brow specialise in your area and book for them tame your strays. 

I want to know your New Years resolutions! Even if they aren't beauty resolutions leave me a comment below with what they are!

Hope you liked this post!

Happy New Years Eve Eve!

All my love, Lucee xx


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    1. Would you believe I have actually been makeup free all year so far!! I know its only been 6 days but my skin has been loving the breather!