I love checking my stats and love watching my page views go up! While this years blog posts have been many, few and none existent at times I am happy with the posts that have been on the blog. Of the 38 blog posts that went up this year I definitely have a few favourites, and my page views show that you did too! Below are the 6 most popular posts of 2014, in date order.

This is actually my most viewed post of all time! You guys must have loved this one which is great because I loved doing it! I still stand by what I said about these primers. I love the POREfessional for going out makeup and the perfect blur for everyday makeup. Still don't like the baby skin!

I was surprised to see this post had so many views but I am glad it did as it means you do like the more personal posts which I enjoy doing and hope to do more of (as I said in the post). Reading over this post I am pretty happy with myself. I have done what I wanted to do and that was not to have a set rule of what my posts have to be about and instead just let my posts reflect what I am loving.

Ah, the Hurraw lip balms. Of course you loved this one! I am so glad to see that the balms are so much easier to come across - I see them in so many health foods stores now. The vanilla balm is still my go to lip balm and I can't see myself purchasing any other brands any time soon (yep, they are that good!).

I am not surprised this one made the top 6! The Lorac Mega Pro is an absolute dream and I still love it just as much as when I first tried it, if not more! I use this baby everyday and my other eyeshadows are pretty neglected due to this palette being added to my collection.

I have been wanting to put DIY projects on the blog since I started blogging and honestly I tried to do a few but got frustrated with the lack of 'perfection' but this year I just sucked it up and posted what I had and from the amount of page views on this I can tell it was liked. I love this canvas set and get compliments from visitors all the time.

A very recent post so I definitely wasn't expecting this to make the top 6 but I am glad it did as I am very proud of my beautiful Christmas wrapping. The photos turned out great which obviously you all noticed given the positive feedback.

What was your favourite post of 2014?

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