It's Monday & you know what that means... Another Manicure post! 

This week I wanted to share with you the gorgeous colours from the OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection. This collection is absolutely beautiful! It is a range of super festive colours and there is definitely something for everyone in this collection.

I was sent three colours from this collection: ‘What’s your point-settia?’*, ‘Sleigh parking only’* and ‘Comet in the sky’* and as soon as I opened the box I fell in love with ‘What’s your point-settia?’*. This is definitely the perfect Christmas Red. I don't think you can look at this colour without being reminded of Santa’s suit, Rudolf’s nose, Christmas holly & bows on presents.
Looking at the collection above I definitely want to try them all but my top picks to try from what I can see would be: 'Just Beclaus' (although not so much a 'Christmas shade'), 'Fashion A Bow' (another perfect classic red), 'Rollin' in cashmere' (Glam Christmas!), 'Snow Globetrotter' (GLITTER - need I say more?) & 'Don't Speak' (Perfection! You need to Google image search this one!!).

So obviously given I fell in love with 'What's your point-settia?'*, I decided to try this one out first. This polish applied like a dream. Such an easy smooth application due to the formula being such a perfect consistency. Some may say it's a bit thin but I've always preferred my nail polish to be a bit thinner. Even though it is a bit thin it is definitely still very pigmented. I applied two coats but this polish would be fine with one coat! 


This polished dried nice & quickly & I was able to go out to the shops almost straight away after applying the two coats.

As I said before I think this is the perfect Christmas red. I would love to pair this with a bit of gold accent to make this even more festive!

But because I don't have a gold &I  just couldn't resist trying out 'Comet in the Sky'*, I also applied this as a feature & I am so happy with how it turned out! Can't get much more Christmas-y than Red & Glitter!

I absolutely love this range and cannot wait to test out more of the shades!!
Hope you liked this post.
All my love, Lucee xx


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