Candles are one of my favourite home decor items. Not only do they smell nice, they also look nice in the home. So when I got the opportunity to try out reminiscent scents there was no way I was passing it up. 

First of all I have to say that working with Amy & Renee from Reminiscent Fragrances has been a wonderful experience. The girls were so helpful in finding a scent for me amp; I definitely do love the two fragrances that they picked to send me.

While I could sit here and write all about Reminiscent Fragrances' from what I know, I thought it would be easier to grab some info from their website (with their permission of course) because obviously they know their story best. My personal review of the product obviously doesn't come from them! Anything from their website will be in Italics.

Make sure you go and check out their website as well though as it is such a lovely website and you really can tell that Amy & Renee have put a lot of effort into their company.

A Melbourne based 100% Pure Soy Wax Candle business created by two friends to awaken your memories. The business started in 2014 as a way for us to share our passion for candles and all things beautiful with others. The candles we produce are all hand poured and blended with the finest of fragrances set alight with a wooden wick. We have an expanding assortment of carefully selected high quality fragrances to suit all your desires and ignite your memories.  We offer limited edition, bomboniere and personalised soy candles.

What an amazing selection right? There is no way I could have chosen what ones to try first. I was sent a 'Classic Collection Medium' soy woodwick candle in 'French Pear' as well as a set of 'Soy Melts' in 'Caramel'. 

Guys, these scents are both to die for!! I knew this even before I had burned either of them. After I received my package of candles I rested my French Pear candle on my desk for the rest of the day and was surrounded by such a heavenly scent and it wasn't even burning yet. All I could do in between sniffs was imagine how amazing it would be once I actually burned it. 

Our exquisite collection of luxury soy candles are individually hand poured and blended with the finest of fragrances featuring a premium wooden wick for a long lasting and eco-friendly burn.
The reminiscent classic medium soy candle will offer 50 hours of burn time when used as directed.
Available in a wide range of fragrances, these make the perfect indulgence or gift solution. Spoil yourself or someone special today!

My Review:

I had plans to burn my candle that night when I got him but time got away from me and I didn't pick it up, Tuesday passed without me remembering to lit it as well but by Wednesday night the tolls of a stressful week were definitely getting to me so I decided to take some me time and go to bed early. I got in my favourite nighty, lit my candle, turned out my light and closed my eyes. 

Hello little garden cottage in the south of France. Yep, that's where this scent took me. I felt so relaxed. I know feeling relaxed was from me taking the time to allow myself to relax and not from the scent of the candle but what happens next is thanks to this lovely candle. 

After about an hour I blew out the candle, put the lid on and went to sleep. I left the candle on my bedside table and when I woke up the next morning the room was still filled with the beautiful French pear smell and when I smelt it I instantly felt relaxed again. 

I love that a scent can do that for you. It takes you back to the place that you first smelt it and for me and this candle it was a place of relaxation and I know that's what I will be taken back to every time I burn it.

This week our little Christmas tradition as been lights out, Christmas tree lights on, Reminiscent Candle lit, Christmas Carols on, relax!! It's been so lovely and really helping us get into the festive season!

Amy & Renee describe the scent of the French Pear candle as 'Succulent and ripe pears, reminiscent of the Riviera in the south of France', this definitely sums up the scent in a sentence. The fragrant is divinely soft and is the right amount of everything for the home. While sending of a strong scent when burnt, the scent is not overpowering. The French Pear definitely offers a sweetness but it's not too sweet as it has a little bit of a spice scent that comes through.

The Reminiscent website also states that these candles will burn for 50 hours and I do not doubt that at all. I have burned my for at least 3 hours already and it has hardly made a dent! I am so excited for another 47 hours of an amazing smelling house! This candle burns really evenly which I love as you aren't left with wax on the sides.

The packaging of the medium candle is also really lovely. It comes in a thick glass jar with a wooden lid. If I even get to the bottom of this candle I will definitely be cleaning it out and using the pretty jar as storage.

Caring for these candles is really easy. Amy & Renee are so organised and have full instructions on how to make sure your candle lasts. They emailed this through to me once I received my order!

Having trouble deciding on which reminiscent fragrance to purchase next?
Why not try our easy-to-use soy melts?
They come in a set of six and the fragrance in each melt will last approximately 8 hours.
If you would like to try 6 different reminiscent fragrances, please select our sample option and email us with your order number and list your choice of fragrances.
Simply place a single soy melt into the top of your oil burner, light a tea light candle inside the base of the burner and enjoy, as your fragrance of choice spreads throughout your home or office.
My Review:
I have to be completely honest, I haven't tried these out as much as the medium candle as I didn't actually have an oil burner (shameful right?) but you don't need to burn this scent for long before you work out that it is absolutely amazing.

These caramel melts are divinely sweet. If you love a sweet candle (like me) then you will LOVE this one. It reminds me a lot of walking into Peter Alexander & smelling the Glasshouse Candle - Tahaa (Vanilla Caramel) that they always burn. Marty did find this scent to be too sweet so it definitely is a more feminine scent - perfect for a girls night in!

These soy melts are such good value for money! A pack of 6 is only $8 and you will get 48 hours out of a set. I love the fact the Reminiscent offer a sample pack to get 6 different fragrances. This is awesome if you aren't sure what kind of scent you want.

I can't wait to order some more soy melts. These will make awesome stocking fillers for Christmas!

More from Reminiscent Fragrances:

Reminiscent Fragrances offer a wonderful range. Below are links to more of their collection.

Reminiscent Fragrances is committed to ensuring that we create unique candles, soy melts or reed diffusers tailored to your event, function or special occasion. Our desire is to leave your guests with a lasting memory; whether it is an engagement, wedding, christening, religious occasion, baby shower, bridal shower, corporate event, hamper or candle party.

I had to share some more info and the 'Functions & Events', because how cool is that? I really think the fact that Reminiscent Fragrances offers personalised candles for your special event really sets them apart from other candle suppliers. I know you can get cute candles as favours but usually these mini candles smell pretty average and don't last very long but when if you get them through Reminiscent Fragrances you are guaranteed to get a quality product.

Head over to their Instagram page: @reminiscentfragrances to check out more of their gorgeous candles. Also, please help them get to 500 followers by sharing their competition! You could win a reed diffuser in your (amazing) scent of choice!  They also have a facebook page which you will find here.

Hope you like this post. 

All my love, Lucee xx

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