Well it's been a nice little break but I am excited to be back with a Manicure Monday and definitely excited to be sharing such a beautiful colour with you.

I have been on the look for a perfect neon purple / pink and I was so happy to find this nail polish at Priceline last week. It's not completely the colour I had in mind and I was probably looking for something with more of a hot pink tone to it but I am still in love with this colour!
This colour really stands out and I have already had heaps of compliments on it. You know you really love a nail polish when you keep checking out your own nails!
The shade is K-Pop by Australis. I have never tried Australis nail polishes and honestly I haven't even looked at them before I was on the look for this particular shade. I have always just thought they would be cheap and nasty.
Turns out they aren't actually so bad! The polish promises to be streak free and this promise has been kept. I was worried with this shade it would be streaky and need a lot of coats to get an even coverage but I only used two coats and if you look in the pictures above this gave a really good finish.
Being a cheaper polish, I don't really expect to get a lot of wear out of it and would recommend that you use a good quality top coat to help it last a bit longer. The formula is really nice, not thick and not thin so goes on easily.
This polish is super affordable and will only set you back $4.95 at Priceline.
Hope you liked this post.

All my love,

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