I am obsessed with overnight oats at the moment. Soaking oats overnight isn't only a quick and easy breakfast, it's also super healthy (and delicious)!

Oats are a great start to the day. The oats along with the chia seeds will help keep you full and give you lasting energy for the morning.

I get bored of plain oats pretty quickly and I definitely don't look forward to them. Since I have started making these delicious chocolate overnight oats, I can't wait to eat them every morning - I even got out of bed at 10.30pm one night because I realised I had forgotten to make my oats.

This recipe will literally take you 2 minutes each night. All you have to do is mix all the ingredients (listed in picture above) together in a jar and pop in the refrigerator overnight then just grab and go in the morning. Simples.

The first time I made it I was just chucking in whatever I thought would taste good but I tried to start measuring it out so I could share a recipe with you. You can definitely alter overnight oats with whatever ingredients you think would taste good. The banana might seem a bit odd in it but it gives it a really nice flavour and along with the maple syrup it helps to sweeten the oats up.

This breakfast may taste naughty but at 240 calories per serve it is totally guilt free!

Hope you liked this post.

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