This week is an exciting week for LWL, I am attending a Business Chicks lunch with Bobbi Brown! I have always been a massive fan of Bobbi Brown herself & the makeup so getting the opportunity to see her has got me crazy excited!

Given this week is all about Bobbi Brown for me I thought it would be appropriate for this edition of 'Lucee Loves' to be all about the same.

When Bobbi Brown describes that her inspiration for this was seeing her Grandma use her lipstick as a blush it makes me smile. I think most girls can picture this. I even remember being a little girl and coping this. Literally for this reason alone I am sold on this Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks!

The Bobbi Brown BB Cream was actually the first BB Cream I ever tried and is most definitely the best that I have tried. It has a nice thick formula that doesn't feel thick when applied to the skin,  it's actually really silky. It easily builds a medium coverage and leaves the skin looking and feeling fresh. I am definitely keen to get this one again.

If you haven't heard of Bobbie Brown Shimmer Bricks you may have been living under a beauty rock! I have eyed off the shimmer bricks for a long time now. When they first came out I wasn't really interested in them due to being a bit afraid of the shimmer but now after seeing them all over the internet I am converted and need this in my life.

Bobbi Brown brushes are delightfully smooth! I only have one BB brush which is the Ultra Fine Eyeliner brush and it's gorgeous so I am keen to add some more BB brushes to my collection. The Eye Blender Brush caught my eye (ha!) as I am a massive fan of blending brushes. An eye shadow blending brush makes so much difference to your eyeshadow application and look. This brush can also be used for the powder in the Concealer Kit listed at number 8.

I have pretty oily eyelids so anything that promises to keep my eyelids crease free and colour-true makes it to the top of my wish list. The website states 'This extends the wear of any eye shadow by 8 hours. (So, if your current shadow has 8 hours of wear, this prolongs your eye shadow for up to 16 hours total.)' - SOLD!

A Bobbi Brown favourite / essential! A pretty pink, non-greasy lip protectant in a stylish polished silver tin. What more could you want?

I am determined to master gel eyeliner! I use to use a Napoleon one all the time but it dried out and I never repurchased so have since lost the knack. I love the look of the smooth line that gel liners create and have heard that the Bobbi Brown gel liner is incredibly smooth and easy to apply.

I am an under eye concealer addict! I love using concealer under my eyes to brighten. I do have a peach Bobbi Brown concealer that I have used for a while now and I absolutely love it! It spreads out well and doesn't crease. Having one kit with concealer and setting powder would be perfect for me!

Bobbi Brown definitely knows lipsticks! While I love the look of all the colours in this range, especially the brights, I just can't go past this gorgeous beige pink. It looks like the perfect neutral shade that would be wearable with any look.

I have heard great, great things about these eye shadows. All the reviews I have read on this state that is long wearing and does not crease, having oily eyelids this is something that really attracts me. However at $40 per eye shadow, I don't image I will ever find one of these in my makeup bag.

You probably know this by now but I am all about skincare this year! I have a confession though - I don't use an eye cream! It's one of those things that I keep meaning to use and I know that I should use but haven't gotten around to getting one.I know that once I get my first fine line I will be kicking myself for not doing it sooner but I will get around to it someday soon. Putting it on my wish list makes me one step closer, right?

BROWS, BROWS, BROWS! I love me some good brows! While I love my ABH brow routine, it can be very time consuming and some days I just want a quick fix. This cream-gel sounds fab for that so I would definitely love to give it a try.

Now that's a wish list! What is on your Bobbie Brown wishlist?

Hope you liked this post!

All my love,

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