You may notice a bit of a segment name change, this is because I feel like Manicure Monday is a bit restricting for me as it means if I want to put a manicure post up it has to be on a Monday and if I miss that Monday then I have to wait for the next Monday...ect. I just want to be able to upload a manicure post in the moment so went with that. Hope you don't mind!

Anyway, for this manicure moment I am excited to share with you a new line of gel polishes called Toffey Gel Polishes*. I found this brand on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the colour range.

As well as a top coat and base coat, I picked three colours and of course they were all shades of pink!

I didn't even mean to get all pinks, I promise I was trying to stay clear of pinks and nudes but I was just so drawn to them all and couldn't not get them! I will definitely be doing an order soon and will be sure to get some colours other than pink to add some more variety. I am already wishing for Purple Rain, Better Left Unsaid (ok, that's a nude...), Lime Sorbet & Little Red Corvette. That should brighten up my collection.

Before I get too far into the products though I have to say that I am really impressed with this brand in general! is a gorgeous website and all the branding is so fresh! There is also a blog on the website that has so many helpful tips including posts on what lamp to use, how to apply toffey gel, how to remove, nail art tips, how to match a mani to accessories and much, much more!

Toffey uses express post on all of her orders so I received my order the next day and the packaging was so lovely! I was so excited to open it that I forgot to take a photo for you but you can see the sleeve it came in on the photo on my instagram (@lifewithlucee).

The sleeve was actually tied with brown string before I opened it which looked really cute. Within that sleeve was pink tissue to hold all my items and the tissue paper was sprayed with perfume. What a beautiful touch! I also received a toffey branded nail file as well as some mini wooden manicure sticks!

I am so happy with the colours I picked. As you can see in the photos, while all being shades of pink they are all still different and all such beautiful colours.

1 - Mountain Dew | 2 - Riding in a Pink Cadillac | 3 - All of Me

Mountain Dew is a stunning peachy pink that is sure to match every one and every outfit! I think this is a really classy colour and I can't wait to rock it next week.

Riding in a Pink Cadillac is a classic iconic barbie pink! This colour is so pretty and screams girly! More swatches on this below.

All of Me is a gorgeous neon pink with a hint of purple. I was so excited when I opened this bottle and saw the vibrant colour. When I get this on my nails I will definitely be rocking 'Wifey' by Colourpop Cosmetics on my lips!

This gel definitely isn't thin and a lot of product does get picked up each time you dip the brush into the pot so you need to be sure to wipe the excess off on the edges before applying to your nail. Given I have mentioned before that I prefer a thinner polish I was surprised that I liked this thick formula. I just found that it helped me create a perfect edge before my cuticles which, as you can see in the photos, looks really good!

I don't know if has anything to do with the name of the brand but the consistency of the gel is much like toffee before it sets.

It was hard to choose a shade to try out first but decided on 'Riding in a pink cadillac'. Out of habit I applied 3 coats but because the formula is nice and thick it is very opaque and 2 coats would have been enough. The swatches on the colour wheel above are two coats.

After my top coat was cured and I wiped the tackiness away with an alcohol wipe I was surprised at the feeling of the set gel on my nails as it felt a bit rubbery to touch. I think this feeling is possibly due to being a thicker formula. Within a day it felt normal but was just a different feeling at first.

I am happy to have found a new brand of gel polishes to my collection and I can't wait to try more!

If you are looking to try these polishes out, make sure you sign up to their website to receive $10 off your first purchase which is pretty much a free polish or would cover the shipping cost if your order is under $50 (toffey does free shipping over $50 or $9.95 shipping for orders under).

Hope you liked this post!
All my love,

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