Happy wife, happy life. I'm sure you've heard this saying plenty of times before, you may have even said it before - I know I have. However, recently I have been thinking about how this statement is actually unfair to husbands. It's like we are saying to men that if you want a happy life you just have to keep your wife happy. This puts all of the responsibility of the happiness in your marriage on your husband. But what about our responsibility as wives to bring our husbands happiness?

I know the saying is usually only said as a bit of a joke but I feel like it should be more like 'happy husband makes happier wife makes even happier life!' So here's 13 ways to make your husband happy (approved by my husband).

Disclaimer: Me giving examples of how I do some of these things is most definitely not me saying "I am a perfect wife, you should all be more like me". I can be a pretty crappy wife sometimes (sorry darling), but it’s from these times that I have learned things I could improve on. Even after 5 years I'm still learning how to be a wife, but that's just part of the fun of being married.

Show interest in what interests him:

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would have seen that Marty and I went to the Australian Grand Prix last month. Being a Beauty Blogger you might have thought that was a strange interest for me to have. Well you're right, I am not wasn't (always) interested in watching cars race each other around a track! Marty however, being a Mechanical Engineer (& male), is totally into it!

Marty started watching the F1 the year we got married, I showed interest in this by saying he should watch the race at my house, which really to me just meant that he would be at my house late and I could fall asleep with him there (because the races are all over the world a lot of them start around 10pm or later). Marty knew what I was up to but I think he liked that I pretended to be into something he was, just to have him around.

Years later that pretend interest has slowly turned into an actual interest and while I most likely won’t be staying up until midnight to watch the races, just asking Marty the next morning how the race went gives him someone to talk to about it and I know he likes that.

Just asking you husband about something that interests him allows him to share it with you and if it’s something he is passionate about it’s going to show him that you care about him even if you don’t really care for the topic.

Do things to help him:

Something I don't like is men making jokes about women’s duties around the house, especially things like cooking! HELLO, men can totally do that too! But thinking about this, it totally goes two ways. There are some jobs around the house that we put into the ‘husband to do’ category like taking the bins out, mowing the loan, vacuum the house (this one might just be my husband lol)... ect.

I know Marty has been dreading mowing the lawns for a few weeks now. Thanks to bad weather the lawns were pretty overdue for mowing and when the weather cleared up on Saturday afternoon it was time to get them done. Marty let me know he would do the back now and the front later on because he wouldn't have time to do both before we went out (he had to whipper snip as well). There was a bit of a hint in his voice that I could help too.... so I did! I did the mowing while Marty did the whipper snipping. Not only did it take half as long, we were also doing something together which I actually really enjoyed. Then he took me to watch Cinderella. Win, win!

Appreciate him ( even for the little things ):

Say thank you to your husband when he does something. Even if you think it's something he should have just done anyway, make sure he knows that you appreciate him doing it.

I'm sure you can identify with the feeling of not being appreciated. When we just expect our husbands to do certain things and don't show appreciation for it, it doesn't really make him want to do it for you again.

Appreciating your husband is going to show that you are thankful for the effort he has put in and acknowledges that he has done something that has helped you.

Surprise him:

Men love to be surprised almost as much as we do. So why not pick up a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates on the way home instead of always expecting him to be the one to bring those things home for you.

However, if you’re going to something big like tickets to a Maroon 5 concert maybe make sure he doesn’t have the same idea in mind – yep Marty and I totally surprised each other with Maroon 5 tickets!

Plan a date night:

Similar to the above with not always expecting hubby to be the romantic. Marty and I like to take turns in planning Friday night date nights. This means we both get to be taken on date nights and it's not up to one person to always think of a date night idea and gives you the opportunity to plan something that you think he will really enjoy.

Cook his favourite dinner:

They do say that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach! I know that Marty really appreciates when I take the effort the make something that he really enjoys for dinner, even if it's something that's not really my favourite meal.

Show him that he is always on your mind:

If you're thinking of your husband, let him know. I love receiving little messages from my husband saying 'I love you' or 'Thinking of you' and I bet he loves getting them too!

Listen to him:

When your husband is telling you a story he isn't just saying it to fill the silence (as us ladies might), he is telling you because it's something he wants to share with you. Stopping what you are doing and listening to what your husband is telling you not only shows that you care, it also shows him that you respect him. 

Some ladies have more chance getting blood from a stone than their husbands sharing stories from their day with them! So if your husband tells you about his day, listen to him. Otherwise he might just stop.

Communicate with him:

This might be something you are already all over! Unfortunately, I am not. I put massive walls up and find it hard to let my husband in when something is up. I know that when I put my walls down and communicate properly with my husband it makes him happier rather than grumpier.

When you communicate with your husband it opens up the line for him to communicate back and communication is most definitely one of the most important things in any marriage.

Make your home a haven by cleaning up your crap:

I can almost hear Marty laughing at me writing this one. A lot of the time I am terrible at putting my things away. I have so much random stuff that I leave around the house. Make-up, bobby pins, clothes, shoes etc, all things Marty hates finding around the house. I know that when I make an effort to put my stuff away and keep the house tidy Marty feels so much more relaxed when he gets home. 

Instead of getting frustrated if you're husband goes straight to the office when he gets home, maybe ask why?

Treat him like your best friend:

Think of when you have a disagreement with your best friend. Now think of when you have a disagreement with your husband. I'm sure you know what I am talking about when I say your reactions are pretty different. This is an example of how you should treat your husband as your best friend. 

Bickering with your husband is completely normal. I am sure we all do it. But it's a bad habbit to form. You wouldn't bicker with your best friend in that way. Treat him with the same respect that you treat your best friend with.

Just as you may do with your girl friends, sometimes you just have to bite your tongue... 

Talk fondly of him:

These days, when talking with friends, it seems to be easier to joke about things your husband isn't good at rather than what he is good it. Sometimes it's just funnier to laugh and say 'Marty, is terrible at that', and while Marty probably laughs and agrees it's not really a way to build up his self esteem.

Husbands can often feel like they don't measure up and bringing up things that they aren't good at in front of other people definitely doesn't help that insecurity. As wives we need to be our husbands biggest fans and praise his triumphs and make a big deal about how great he is.
Love him:

Sometimes your husband just needs you to love him. While it might be hard for them to show, just like us, men are sensitive and sometimes they just need to know that they are loved and need to be cuddled.

And then there are also times when he needs more then a cuddle. I'm sure there are times after a long day when every wife wants to roll over and pretend to be asleep when they get the nudge but sometimes we just have to take one for the team. You probably won't regret it.

Hope you liked this post.

All my love,

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