You guys know that I love my gel nails. While I try to evenly spread my manicure moments between polishes and gels it's clear that I favour gel polishes. Gel polishes just work better for me. I know that once that top coat is done my nails are completely set and good to go. Whereas with nail polish I always think it's dry and then before I know it, I've completely smudged it.

Gel polishes aren't always the most convenient though! When you are applying gel to your nails you literally can't do anything else. You are confined to being in front of the lamp waiting for it to set and you have to complete the process for 1 hand and then do the next hand making a gel manicure at least 30 minutes long.

Sally Hansen, however, has changed the game with Miracle Gel* polishes. A 2-step gel polish that doesn't require a UV or LED lamp but promises 14 days of colour and shine.
Last year, in Australia, Sally Hansen released 18 shades of these revolutionary polishes and this year have released a further 5 shades. The latest shades to hit the shelves are: 

Crème de la Crème - a dreamy pink, Game of Chromes - a molten gold, Spice Age - a shimmering chocolate brown, Mad Woman – a deep metallic raspberry and, Hunger Flames – a bright electric purple. 

Of the new shades I have: Game of Chromes, Spice Age & Hunger Flames. The first colour to make it onto my nails was, of course, Game of Chromes. 

I couldn't resist applying this colour straight away! As soon as I opened the bottle it was like liquid gold and you guys know I love my gold!


Step 1: Shake gently and apply 2-3 coats of Miracle Gel colour depending on your desired coverage ( I only needed 2 coats)

Step 2: Apply Miracle Gel Top Coat & let the curing activate by itself in natural light – no lamp needed!

To sum up these polishes they are pretty much a polish that applies and dries like regular nail polish but wears like a gel.

I did get caught out with the drying process. While these are quick to dry to touch, they do take a while to completely dry so you need to be careful. I thought mine were completely dry and went to take photos and with one bump I had stuffed my manicure.

I did find this polish to be better than your standard nail polish however, I don't think it is as good as a gel manicure as I saw signs of chipping/wear on the tips around day 6. I would be interested to try this polish with a base coat to see if I would get more wear out of it. I feel like every polish needs a base coat and maybe that could improve the wear of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels.

Although this polish doesn't last as long as traditional gel polish, it is so much more convenient to touch up or take off and reapply. Being able to remove this polish with nail polish remover is a massive bonus for me - it's so much easier than removing gel!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel are $16.95 each or $19.95 for a top coat and colour coat duo and are available at Priceline, Target, Terry White Chemists, Chemist Warehouse ($14.39) and independent pharmacies nationally.

I will definitely be adding more and more of these polishes to my cupboard. I can't wait to get some shades that aren't metallic so I can really put the 'shiny gel look'  to the test! I have my eye on 'Malibu Peach', 'Greyfitti', 'Red Eye', 'Get Mod', 'Birthday Suit' & 'Pinky Promise'.

Hope you liked this post.

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