Lately life has been a bit hectic (hence the lack of blog posts) and a lot of that has to do with us currently house hunting! It has been super exciting but me being me, I've found the uncertainty of it a little bit stressful. What has been one of the fun parts though is seeing lots of beautifully styled homes and getting inspired for how we may decorate our home. So until we can actually go shopping for our home I will continue to create wishlists. Here is a bit of a mood board of 10 items for the home that I love:

1. Sixties Large Buffet | Freedom Furniture - $1599
I have had my eye on this buffet for such a long time! I think this is such a stunning piece! It really sums up the style that I have been loving. I actually have a little project that I am working on at the moment using this buffet as my inspiration. Stay tuned!

2 . Pop Clock | Target - $15
Love this little pop clock. I find it pulls in the little bit of industrial look that I am wanting in the house plus its a clock, so is totally functional!

3. Swiss Republic Throw | Adairs - $99.95
This weather is making me obsessed with throws and I feel like I need them all over the house! Even though this pattern may be everywhere at the moment, I just can't help but love it.

4. Lightbox | Typo - $69.95
This lightbox is super cute! I think it would be a really fun little piece to have in the home with cute little messages on it. Kmart actually have a $19 version of this light box - bargain alert!

5. Studio Floor Lamp |  Kmart - $35
I really love adding lamps and extra lighting to the house and I have been on the look for more of an industrial style floor lamp for a while. All the ones I have liked have been in excess of $200 so, at $35, this funky floor lamp from Kmart is an absolute steal.

6. Retro Chair |  Freedom Furniture - $699
Another gorgeous statement piece from Freedom Furniture. In our living room, we have large tan leather couches which I love and I think this arm chair would go great with them and would be a really nice contrast to the leather.

7. Light Blue Hydrangea | Freedom Furniture - $19.95
Flowers are a must have in my house! Hydrangeas are once of my favourite flowers and while I currently have some artificial white ones, I love this blue and think it will add a beautiful subtle bit of colour.

8. Bally Blonde Poster Print |  Zanui - $129.95
I have been obsessed with Bally prints for ages and definitely want to get one when we finally get a new place. This vintage, blonde print is stunning and with the minimal colours I think it will be a great timeless piece.

9. Jo Malone Sweet Almond & Macaroon Candle | Myer - $85
This would not be a true 'for the home' if it didn't have a candle. Candles in my home is just a given! I am yet add a Jo Malone to my collection but I don't plan for it to stay that way for long. It's so hard to choose just one scent from this amazing candle range but how could I go past Sweet Almond & Macaroon - delicious!

10. Sheep Skin Rug | IKEA - $69
This sheep skin rug just looks like such a winter warmer and needs to be in my life! I think a cute little sheep skin in my home will add another lovely texture an

Hope you liked this post.

All my love,

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