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I am a little bit home obsessed at the moment! After weeks of disappointing open homes, we did a 180 flip of our house plans and decided to buy a block of land and build our own home. Exciting times ahead!

As well as exciting though it has been a little bit stressful! When building a home, there is so much that you have to think about that I didn't even realise. It's been great to be able to have so much input in our house plans but it turns out we didn't really know what we wanted. Finally we have settled on our plan and now, before we have to make decisions on flooring, tiles, paint ect, we need to get a bit of an idea of what style we are wanting in our home.

When we were looking at buying a ready made home we were looking at older, queenslander style houses that we would have renovated so our home would of had a lot of character and we would have styled around that. I loved the idea of a renovated home with natural timber floors, exposed brick walls and styled with little bits and pieces of vintage industrial. This would have all looked amazing in a renovated character home... but we aren't renovating anymore. 

Now that we are building, I have been feeling very unsure on what our home style was going, I feel like what I had in mind just wouldn't really work in a brand new home. We have been trying to work our what we want the feel of our new home to be and Marty and I have had some pretty different ideas of what this will be. So of course we have turned to Pinterest for some home inspiration and created a mood board for our home.

I like the idea of trying to keep our home mainly neutral and classic. I always seem to be a bit scared of colour and like to be able to add and remove it if I am wanting to update an area. Keeping most things simple or even monochrome with the opportunity to add colour with easily replaceable items is what works best for me.

What seems to be catching my eye the most is anything really crisp with shades of white, grey, copper, blush and timber....

Timber floors - check, light grey walls - check, grey sofa - check, sheep skin - check, oversized rug - check, white kitchen - check, copper pendant lights over kitchen island- check, black tap wear - check, timber dining table - check, black pendant over dining table - check, floral arrangements - check, blush, copper, black & white cushions & linen  - check, check check!

I still feel like I can't really pin point our style, if I had to label the direction that we are headed I would say it would probably be a bit of Scandinavian, however I definitely want to have some classic elegant items and of course a little bit of glam so it could make an interesting mix!

Obviously our house isn't built yet and we haven't actually even been shopping so this could all change completely but I think it's a good starting point. Stay posted for more home mood boards... I'm sure there is going to be a lot!

Hope you liked this post.

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  1. A few rooms in the Becks’ blue heaven remain more or less as the previous owners left them, including the 12-seat theater in the basement done in rich reds.