I think no matter what type of skin type you have, everyone would know what I am talking about when I say my skin changes with the seasons. If the cold mornings didn't give away that it's winter in Brisbane, my skin sure did! My skin concerns have always been to do with having oily skin so to notice signs of skin dehydration in the cooler months is strange, but it always happens. Every year, around winter, I need to make sure I am using more hydrating products to keep my skin supple.

This winter I have been trying (and loving) an Antioxidant Gel Mask* by Jurlique. The Jurlique Antioxidant Gel Mask is from the Herbal Recovery range and is a revitalising treatment mask that is designed to deliver an intense hydration boost to the skin and help protect skin against environmental aggressors.

This mask has beads of vitamin E that are released onto the skin to help address the signs of fine lines, dehydration and dullness. After using this mask your skin is left feeling smooth, nourished, hydrated and looking radiant which is exactly what is needed in the cooler months.

This mask can be used two to three times a week to help maintain supple skin. If I have time in the morning I love using this mask as a bit of a morning pick me up. I always notice that my makeup application is a lot smoother as well as longer lasting after using the Jurlique Antioxidant Gel Mask thanks to the powerful, triple action moisturisation ingredients.

While $80 for 100ml of product may seem a bit steep, you only need to apply a thin layer so this product goes a long way. I have been using this on an off for the past 3 months and there is still so much left in the tube. Using this super hydrating mask to keep my skin supple has also meant I haven't had to change to a more hydrating moisutiser, which is usually a bit pricey.

I started using this mask before the weather turned and I found it was awesome to use on a hot day. The cool gel was really refreshing and again, the mask was super hydrating. This mask would also be great in summer as a bit of an after sun treatment.

As mentioned above you only need to apply a small amount in a thin layer onto the skin. The gel goes on clear with the exception of the white vitamin E beads that 'pop' as you press into your skin. Being a gel mask mask, it doesn't really completely dry out. It sort of sinks into this skin and becomes dry to touch and is easily removed with a gentle, hot wash cloth.

Alternatively this mask is also really nice to use right before bed and instead of completely washing off just patting off with a cotton pad and sleeping with the residual on to make it a really nice overnight treatment.

Straight after washing this mask off you will notice the difference in your skin, feeling hydrated soft and supple. This mask has a very light herbal scent ( I call it 'day spa scent') and is very gentle. I have not heard of anyone having any negative effects or skin irritations from using this mask.

All in all, this is an amazing mask! I definitely notice the improvement in my skin when I use it compared to when I don't. I am even going to go as far as saying it's my favourite winter product so I would 100% recommend it!

What is your favourite winter product?

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