We are heading overseas in the coming weeks and I have been planning my perfect travel outfit! The most important thing for a long haul flight, in my opinion, is a comfy outfit! Equally import is making sure your comfy outfit says chic and not homeless.

Here are a few of my tips to think about when planning your travel outfit:

For packing:
              Wear boots and jacket on flight (if taking)

If you are like me and are always packing to the edges, no matter how long or short the holiday or how big or small the bag is,  a way to save space and weight is to wear the most bulky items on the flight.

For security:
                Avoid buckles and excessive jewellery
                Opt for slip on flats or boots (no strappy sandals or shoes with laces)
                Check any pockets before going through security

I always have the fear of going through security, the red light going off and I being asked to step to the side! Security is getting tighter and tighter these days and taking off coats, shoes, belts, jewellery, ect is unavoidable. Keep this in mind when putting together your travel outfit.

On the plane:
                Wear loose, comfy clothes
                Wear your most comfortable bra
                Layer, layer, layer!
                Pack or wear a scarf
                Pack or wear socks

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable. A 13 hour flight is definitely not the best time to wear a tight dress or test out a new pair of skinny jeans. Wear loose items that aren't going to require adjustment every time you move and will allow room for any swelling due to altitude. Also make sure you are wearing your most comfortable bra!

My travel outfit above features leggings, which I know not everyone wears. An option would be to wear jeans to the airport and then change into something more comfortable like leggings or yoga pants once on the flight. 

The temperature on the plane is not only unpredictable, it’s also uncontrollable. To be prepared for any temperature layer clothes that are easy to add and remove. A long scarf can also double as a blanket which can be handy to get comfortable on your long haul flight.

If you are not wearing socks as a part of your outfit DO NOT FORGET TO PACK A PAIR!! Socks are most definitely a very important item to be comfortable on a long haul flight. If you can, opt for a pair of compression socks (see link to socks at beginning of post). Compression socks not only improve comfort, they also help to reduce the risk of DVT. 

When traveling opt for a larger handbag to make sure you can comfortably fit all in your in flight essentials (more on that to come).

What is your favourite long haul flight outfit?

Hope you liked this post.

All my love,

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  1. For long haul flights, I try and look semi-fashionable but honestly as long as I'm comfortable, that's all that matters! x