Quite a few months ago I saw a picture on Instagram of the most perfect nude nails and I made it my mission to find out what colour it was, and then make it my own! I found out the colour was called 'Samoan Sand' by OPI but I couldn't actually find it anywhere. A few months later, it made it onto my birthday wish list and I was lucky enough to have received from my gorgeous friend, Carly.

For my birthday I decided to treat myself to a set of claws and, of course, Samoan Sand had to be the first colour on them.

This stunning nude is a yellow base rather than a pink base which I find compliments my skin tone really well.  This shade of polish is so elegant and would actually make the perfect wedding nail (maybe without the claws...).

This colour is sheer but it builds up really easily. I applied three coats to get the colour opaque and finished with a top coat. When I was in the salon the nail tech gave the tip, for light shades, to make sure the colour coat is completely dry before applying top coat to ensure no streaks.

I am completely obsessed with this colour and it will forever be my go to nude. Thank you Carly!!

I would love to hear what you go to nude is! Tag me on Instagram {@lifewithlucee}, or send me a snap {lifewithlucee} showing me your nudes (nails only -- haha)!

Hope you liked this post.

All my love,


  1. Its a very pretty nude color. but what skin tone are you?

  2. I just have it myself. I bought it thinking it was a pale pink but when i put it on it was so sheer i didnt think id like it. but after 3 coats..its now my go to. I take it to the nail shop with me.