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Today is the day! We are off to Canada! Woo hoo! I thought I would share a quick post on what we plan to get up to while we are in Canada.

While this is totally out of character, we haven't actually booked everything. We have a rough itinerary but have only booked some of our accommodation, with the plan we can alter our itinerary as we go. Living life on the edge!! Haha

Here's the plan:


Our first stop will be Vancouver. An interesting little fact about us and Vancouver is that we actually had the opportunity to be transferred there in 2013. We decided not to take the offer but I am excited to go and see a place that we could have called home!

Our plan is to get straight on the road after landing in Vancouver as we will have a couple of days stopped here on the way back.

KAMLOOPS  - 2 Nights

Our first destination will be Kamloops. We have booked our accommodation for this area and we are staying at a nature resort on a lake which I am excited about. We are hoping to be able to see some wildlife during our stay and we would like to do some canoeing and bike riding around the lake.

Kamloops is a pretty small town and pretty much just a halfway point for us but we will definitely explore what we can and make the most of our time there. British Colombia Wildlife Park is in Kamloops which might be fun to go see some canines (grey wolf, coyote), big cats (cougar, lynx, bobcat), bears (kermode, grizzly, black) and much more!


From Kamloops we will head to the Banff and Lake Louise area. This is about a 6 hour drive but by the time we make stops it will most likely be all day.

Banff is probably the spot I am looking forward to the most. We have allowed 4 nights here to make sure we can see as much of this stunning town as possible. There are so many activities to do in the Banff area though, I hope we have allowed enough time.

A few of key things we would like to do here are; ride a bike around Lake Minnewanka, rent a canoe on Lake Louise and ride the gondola in Banff. I anticipate we will spend a lot of time driving, checking out the scenery in the areas around Banff & Lake Louise.

JASPER - 3 nights

The drive from Banff to Jasper was once rated top 10 in the world by National Geographic. Knowing this, I have high expectations for this drive and can't wait to see some amazing scenery along the way. This drive is approximately 4 hours but we will allow the day so we can enjoy stops along the way.
In Jasper we hope to do some hiking or mountain biking in the national park, white water rafting (provided it's not too cold...) and lots of sightseeing.

EDMONTON - 5 nights

While Edmonton might seem like an odd place to spend 5 nights, it's actually the whole reason for our trip. A good friend of ours, is actually getting married in Edmonton so we will be in Edmonton for some pre wedding & wedding celebrations.

I don't imagine we will do a lot of sightseeing here but I am sure we will still find lots to do.
Edmonton is home to the West Edmonton Mall, which is the biggest shopping center in North America (10th largest in the world), so I will definitely be hitting that up!

VANCOUVER  - 2 nights

From Edmonton we will fly to Vancouver for the last couple of days of our trip. We would have liked to spend a bit more time in Vancouver but 2 days is all our trip has really allowed. 

We have friends in Vancouver who we will be catching up with an hoping to get some tips on what to do from them. 

We have heard great things about the food in Vancouver so I think we will definitely be on the look for the best of Vancouver.
Stanley Park is on my list of must-dos for Vancouver and I am hoping we can hire bikes and ride around the park.

I will be sharing some photos on the blog but I don't know when that will be. Maybe not until we get back. There will be lots of daily updates on my snapchat ( LIFEWITHLUCEE ), so if you want to see what I'm seeing, and you have a snapchat account, you should definitely add me!

Marty said I should add this video from youtube in.... You know, cause it could end up being us...haha!

If you have an must-dos for Canada, please let me know!

Hope you liked this post.

All my love,

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  1. I'm thinking about going to Canada but as an Australian it's really overwhelming, I don't even know where to start! I'm tossing up between Vancouver and Toronto, so if you have any tips or ideas on the differences between each place that'd be amazing! Otherwise I'd just be happy to keep up with your Canada related posts and go from there, no worries :)