As most of you would know, we spent a couple of weeks in Canada last month (photos of the trip to come) and while we spent most of our time in National Parks, I did manage to get some shopping in when we stopped in Edmonton & Vancouver.

Due to the Australian dollar being weak, and also us being in the process of building a house at the moment, shopping was suppose to be kept to a minimum. I tried to go in with a plan that I would only buy things that were: 1 - essential,  2 - something I've wanted for ages, or 3 - not available in Australia.

My MAC haul actually ticked all of those boxes, even the last one! While MAC is available in Australia, the lipstick Velvet Teddy is always sold out whenever I try and get it so I was excited to finally find it in stock.

To get the biggest savings I didn't shop for MAC when I was in the City, I waited until I got to duty free at the airport. Here's what I got:

L I P S T I C K S 

V e l v e t   T e d d y 
As mentioned above, Velvet Teddy is always sold out in Australia when I try and purchase it. This is likely to be due to it reportedly being a Kylie Jenner favourite! Velvet Teddy is from the matte range and is described as a 'deep toned beige'. I am excited to finally have my hands on this shade.

P i n k  N o u v e a u 
Apologies for the lack of in focus photos of this one. It wasn't until I started editing that I realised I hadn't taken one and by that time I had lost daylight. Pink Nouveau is a 'bright pink' from the satin range and is, in my opinion, the perfect pink! This is definitely a pink that anyone can pull off - no wonder it's one of MAC's best selling lipsticks! I will be sure to post some better photos of this lipstick on my Instagram, @lifewithlucee.

L I P L I N E R 

S u b c u l t u r e  
MAC has a few brown / nude shade liners that can be paired with Velvet Teddy. The most common picks would probably be Spice & Soar. I chose to go with 'Subculture' as I found it to be a really good match and is a really nice natural shade.

I tried this liner with velvet teddy for the first time today and they seem to be almost the exact same colour. I can see why people go for the darker nudes as it would add a bit more definition.  Overall though, Subculture is a stunning colour and I think I will get a lot of wear out of it.

F O U N D A T I O N 

P r o l o n g  W e a r (NC25) 
This purchase definitely falls into the essential purchase category. MAC Pro Long Wear is my absolute favourite foundation. I have never had a foundation that has lasted so well and so long. I try not to wear this foundation everyday and plan to just wear on special occasions but unfortunately I am a bit addicted to it and end up wearing it most days. I probably should have purchased 2 (or more) bottles.

C O N C E A L E R 

P r o l o n g  W e a r (NC25)
This was actually a 'replacement purchase'. I purchased the Pro Long Wear concealer at IMATS last year and it only took me a whole of 3 months to drop it on the tiles and shatter the thin glass bottle. I was able to salvage a bit of it into a 3g pot but I was definitely due for a new one. Note to self - do not take this one on the tiles.

I haven't used this yet because I have a sneaky suspicion I have purchased the wrong colour. I'm pretty sure the one I had previously was NC15 (for highlighting) so hopefully I might be able to exchange at the MAC store here.

That's what I got at MAC! I think I did pretty well to keep it down to 5 items! I am super happy with the 5 products I purchased and I know I will be reaching for all of them frequently.

If you want to know what else I purchased in Canada, stay tuned as I have more hauls to come.

What's your favourite MAC product?

Hope you liked this post.

All my love,

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  1. I hate that our dollar is so low right now in the US, I feel like half the fun of an overseas trip for me is coming back with a huge bunch of makeup/skincase//hair products!