When the opportunity to experience a Jurlique Signature Facial* at the Brisbane City Wintergarden Spa came my way last month there was no way I could turn it down. At 24 weeks pregnant, a relaxing 1 hour pamper was exactly what I needed and was the perfect start before heading to New Zealand for a long weekend getaway!

Since being pregnant I have become very disorganised (baby brain?) and have lost my usual routines, which you may have noticed with the lack of blog updates. When it comes to my skin care, I haven't been putting much effort in at all and any routine or regime has become very basic. I was definitely in need of a facial to get my skin up to scratch again.

Upon arrival to my facial I met the lovely Katie who greeted me and offered me a tea or water. Shortly after we were in the treatment room at the back of the store and Katie was giving me some information about Jurlique and the history of Jurlique.

Did you know that while the creators of Jurlique are German, they travelled all the way to Australia to the unspoiled Adelaide Hills in South Australia to establish a farm to grow pure and potent ingredients for the Jurlique brand? And even though Jurlique products are now sold worldwide (over 19 countries), the ingredients for their products are still grown in Adelaide Hills!

The facial that I was booked in for was a classic signature facial.

A customised facial tailored to your skin care concerns. A professional brush cleanse deeply cleanse the skin, boosts microcirculation and prepares your skin for the application of our powerful professional-use only products. In the expert hands of our Beauty Therapists you'll experience our specialised products combined with a signature face, neck and shoulder massage. Plus hand and arm exfoliation and massage - it's no wonder this is our top customer favourite! Available in Age Repair, Youth Defense, Hydration, Brightening, Sensitive, Oil Control and Jurlique Treatment for Men.

The whole facial was such a delightful experience. I felt relaxed from the moment I was tucked in a bed of warm towels and blankets. After a spritz of Rosewater Balancing Mist and a few deep breaths I was ready for the pampering to begin.

Every product that Katie used during my facial felt so luxurious. I remember thinking 'I need to get that' after each product.

I was so relaxed during my experience that I was completely taken away and can't actually remember the exact order of application - I just remember that everything Katie did to my face was amazing! Here is pretty much how it went though:

Once settled in the facial started off with a brush cleanse over my face which was a deep cleanse without being harsh on my skin. I found it to be nice and gentle unlike previous (bad) brushing experiences I've had elsewhere. 

After cleansing my skin Katie performed a skin analysis with a magnifying lamp to see deeper into the skin to find out what my skin concerns were. I was happy to hear that I had good elasticity around my face. Katie did note that I have large pores through the t-zone (surprise, surprise) and that even though my skin type is oily I am slightly dehydrated, which is most likely from working in an air-conditioned office.

Katie also noted that I had a few 'milia' on my forehead. I wasn't really sure what that was but it's actually hard white bumps under the skin. I had noticed these come up but didn't have any idea what they were. I thought it was just a skin change with pregnancy as that was when they started. Katie let me know that it was probably from the hormonal change and they should go down with exfoliation but may keep coming up while pregnant. Hopefully they should clear afterwards though.

After the skin analysis Katie wrapped my face in a series of hot towel compressions which helps to soften, hydrate and relax the skin and also helps products to penetrate better into the skin.

Part of the facial was steaming the skin and exfoliation. A steamer was turned on over my face while Katie spoilt my skin with more delicious Jurlique products.
Katie also applied a thick mask to my face a d├ęcolletage. The mask was applied with a brush. I'm not too sure what mask was used but I need to go back and find out because it felt absolutely delightful and is definitely a product on my skincare wishlist!

My face wasn't the only area being spoilt during my facial. As well as my face, my neck, chest, shoulders, arms and hands were treated to an amazing massage with oil which relieved so much tension!

Following my massage the following products were recommended for me:
  • Clarifying Deep Cleansing Gel - to cleanse away the day, balance oil and refine
  • Rosewater Balancing Mist - to tone and balance
  • Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum - to revitalise and protect
  • Rose Moisture Plus Gel Lotion -to hydrate and protect
These products were just ready on the counter for me to view, along with a cup of tea and glass of cold water. There was certainly no hard sell at the end of my facial. Just a couple of recommendations for my information.

Walking out of the salon my skin felt amazing. I loved how nourished and supple my face felt while still feeling light and clean. My skin looked extremely refreshed and bright. 

Unfortunately I had to go back to work afterwards but when I got back to work I had so many compliments about how refreshed I was looking. My skin felt just as good for the following days and, thanks to being able to take home some samples, my skin is still feeling really good a couple of weeks on. I found my pregnancy glow, it was hiding in a Jurlique bottle!

Having a facial and feeling how good my skin could actually feel I felt inspired to put some effort into my skincare routine again - I even charged my Clarisonic!

Feeling my skin afterwards makes me want to throw out all my current products and fill my cupboards with Jurlique products. I will definitely be adding some of these products to my (new) skincare routine so keep an eye out for some reviews.

I also discovered that Jurlique have a baby range which I was super excited about! It was perfect timing to find these products as as I have been on the look for an organic skincare range to spoil bubs skin with!

Thank you Jurlique for such an amazing facial experience. I can't wait to come back for another facial - I've got my eyes on the mummy to be package (hint hint Hubby!).

If you're wanting to spoil yourself or someone you love with an amazing Jurlique spa experience click here to find a Jurlique spa near you. I promise you won't regret it.

Hope you liked this post.

All my love,

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