Photos by Jennifer Oliphant {35 weeks pregnant}

It’s been 2 ½ month since Little vanderHeijde was born and lately I have reflected a lot on the last few weeks of pregnancy as well as his birth and the weeks that followed. I have really wanted to share his story but so far it’s been a lot harder to write than I imagined. Where do I even start? So before I get to that I thought I should catch up on the rest of my pregnancy… (see first trimester post here).

It’s amazing how much we can assume everything is going to go to plan. I had been conscious that I was very late with my second trimester post but I had thought “that’s OK, I will put that on hold and get back to it when I finish work at 39 weeks”. Well, that all changed when we were hit by a bombshell at 37 weeks…. But we’ll come back to that. For now I have a lot of gaps to fill.

During my whole pregnancy I had been writing little notes in my diary so I would have all the dates when I came to writing a blog post… well of course this baby brained mama lost the diary! I was so devastated and really hoped it would show up so I could complete my post but it still hasn’t. 

Thankfully I had started transferring some bits and pieces into a draft post and was also able to pick up a few more details after looking through messages to my mum, sister and friends.


I remember waking up on the first day of my second trimester thinking “Today’s the day! Today the sickness stops”…. Everyone had said to me “just wait until you get to the second trimester, the sickness will stop and you will feel great and have so much energy”. But the sickness wasn’t going anywhere just yet.

13 WEEKS -  I started getting really sharp pains in my stomach which ended up being 'round ligament pains'....Another thing that I didn't know came with pregnancy!! It was horrible, I would just lay in bed in pain and to make it worse, I just wanted my mum. Queue massive hormonal pregnant lady breakdown.

14 WEEKS - The round ligament pains had eased but this week I started getting back pain so I purchased a pregnancy pillow to help me sleep. The first night I used it I had the best sleep in a long time! *confession - I am still sleeping with it post pregnancy!*

'Baby brain' was starting to really frustrate me at this point. I was constantly feeling disorganised and forgetful. Some things were funny to laugh off but when it came to work I really felt like I wasn't myself.

15 WEEKS -  I had my first midwife appointment at the hospital. At this appointment we just went over medical history for myself and family and completed the forms in the pregnancy health record book provided by the hospital. Baby's heart rate was 150bpm.

{19.02.16} I had my very first dream about the baby. I had a dream that baby vanderHeijde was a girl and I was holding her on a beach. I was so excited when I woke up and for the first time I really imagined having and holding our little baby!

Up until this point I had always thought baby vanderHeijde was a boy… but was this a sign we had a little girl on the way?

16 WEEKS - Finally, I was feeling much better and I really started to enjoy pregnancy. At the start of week 16 I remember thinking ‘I think I am feeling baby move’ and by the end of it I was sure I was feeling baby move a lot. Baby vanderHeijde was such an active little bub! Once again this pregnancy thing started to feel very real – Hello Baby! I can feel you growing in there!

At this point everything was starting to feel a bit tight and I started purchasing maternity clothes. From then quickly became my most visited website.

17 WEEKS -  I had a massive growth spurt in my boobs! All of a sudden they were massive! This may sound like a great thing but they were still so sore and I was already having to wear maternity bras.

19 WEEKS - I was suddenly a lot more emotional and it didn't take much to make me cry. Marty and I had a disagreement and it was something that I would have normally brushed off but those pregnancy hormones were in full swing and I was feeling very sorry for myself!

20 WEEKS - H A L F  W A Y !!!

This week we had our morphology scan. Once again we were so excited to see Baby vanderHeijde! Walking into the scan we still didn’t know if we would find out the gender. Marty wanted to and  I was kind of wanting it to be a surprise... “Lets just wait and see if they can tell or not”. Well, as soon as the scan went over baby’s lower region we knew! I just looked at Marty and laughed and Marty said “Is that…?” … “Yes Marty, it’s a boy!!”

Little vanderHeijde's heart rate was 144bpm and he was growing into a healthy baby boy.

We decided that because we told Marty's parents we were pregnant first, we would tell my parents the gender first. I didn't want to just do it in a text so had to think of something special. Of course straight after the scan mum wanted to know so I had to tell her they weren't able to tell. 

The next day though she got a delivery from the florist and when she opened the box, a blue balloon popped out - Congratulations Nannie & Poppy, IT'S A BOY! 

I also had a midwife appointment at the hospital this week. Nothing really happened at this appointment. It was really rushed due to the midwifes running behind. I actually left feeling really disappointed. Baby's heart rate was 145bpm.

21 WEEKS - This week I had ‘popped’. Suddenly I was a lot rounder and starting to get comments on my growing baby belly.

At 21 weeks and 3 days {01.03.16} Marty got to feel our baby boy kick for the first time. I was so excited that Marty could finally feel our little baby moving. Such a special moment for us both. From that day we often spent time just sitting with hands on belly and waiting for more kicks!

24 WEEKS - I was feeling GREAT this week and loving being pregnant. I had another midwife appointment and this one was better than the last. In the appointment we discussed breastfeeding, healthy eating and exercise and information for the Obstetric Review Centre (ORC) and when to call. Baby's heart rate was 138bpm.

25 WEEKS - I noticed I had starting getting a bit of swelling in my feet, a flight to New Zealand probably didn’t help that but a little bit of swelling was well worth the happiness of spending Easter weekend with my family.

Pregnancy hormones were in FULL swing saying goodbye to mum and dad this trip! There is definitely no holding back when you’re pregnant – I don’t think I have ever cried so much in my life.

I had been doing so well at keeping the gender of baby vanderHeijde a secret. That was until I had a combination of baby brain and being overtired. After an early morning flight back to Brisbane and going straight to work it just slipped over lunch. It was like I saw the word ‘He’ coming out of my mouth but I couldn’t pull it back in!

26 WEEKS - It was time to have the Glucose Tolerance Test to test for Gestational Diabetes. I had heard that the drink was horrible so had been worried about that, turns out that was the least of my worries. Don’t get me wrong, the drink was horrible but the 45 minutes of poking and prodding and 3 failed attempts at taking blood was definitely the worst! I had so much trouble getting blood tests when I was pregnant!

I noticed a lot of changes at 26 weeks. There were a lot more movements and they were getting a lot stronger. As he was getting bigger I was feeling a lot bigger and I was starting to feel uncomfortable. My appetite really increased at this time as well but I would feel really uncomfortable after eating so had to eat small amounts more often.

I also started getting a really bad pain in my groin at the top of my left leg and sometimes it was so bad I could hardly walk… especially in the morning. I started getting physio for this which helped a little bit.

27 WEEKS - Baby's kicks were now so strong and I loved watching them from the outside. I wasted so much time just sitting watching and trying to capture the movements on video. Baby vanderHeijde was most active when I was laying in bed at night. These moments became my the favourite part of my day.

28 WEEKS - The final week of the second trimester! I was still feeling great and despite a couple of hard weeks, I loved growing this tiny human. I had another midwife appointment this week, baby's heart rate was 140bmp.

- ♥ -


Along with those mentioned in the week by week breakdown above, I experienced the following:

    - Vivid Dreams
    - Reflux
    - Breathlessness
    - Stretch Marks


Once the sickness stopped so did the food aversions and I was back eating meat. I did start finding it hard to drink water though and would opt for sparkling instead of still as I found it easier to drink.

I didn't have any specific food cravings but I was really enjoying dairy!! Prior to pregnancy I was a bit sensitive to diary but suddenly it wasn't affecting me so I was thoroughly enjoying milk!!


Much the same as the first trimester, my hair was still seriously thick and growing quickly and my skin was still good... This pregnancy thing definitely wasn't so bad after all.

Once the morning sickness stopped and I got my appetite back I went straight back to my pre pregnancy weight. By the end of the second trimester I was up 5kg.
Oh & about that pregnancy glow... I'm still waiting.


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