I had imagined I would post this straight after my second trimester post went up. Everything was ready up to week 36 but from there I struggled to complete it. I skipped ahead where I could to finish the post and have come back to try and complete multiple times but still struggled to put into words what happened. What information do I put into my pregnancy updates and what to I put into our baby's story?

I decided to go over the events during those weeks and will go deeper into details of our baby's condition in a later post.  


I can't remember what week during pregnancy it was suppose to start but I remember looking in the pregnancy app and one of the symptoms that could start that week was 'snissing'... peeing a little bit when you sneeze!! Everyone at work got a little laugh out of that one. From then every time I sneezed there was a little pause afterwards... did I? *fist pump*... no I didn't!! Thank goodness I didn't get that symptom during pregnancy. Post birth however... I think there may have been a sniss or two :|

28 WEEKS -  Whooping cough vaccination! I was surprised that the injection didn't hurt at all, I actually didn't notice she had done it! The next day however my arm was absolutely killing me and was still a bit tender for a couple of days.
30 WEEKS - We started our pre baby classes at the hospital. This was a series once a week over 4 weeks that included a tour of the delivery rooms, classes on what to do once baby is here, information on breastfeeding, labour & delivery and what pain relief options there were. Both Marty and I found these really informative and I strongly recommend both mum & dad go to these classes. 

At the hospital classes we met Chelsea who was a student midwife looking for pregnancies to follow to complete her degree. We signed up to have Chelsea as our student midwife and we were so glad we did. Chelsea has so much excitement and passion for all things pregnancy and baby and I often found she was more helpful then what the experienced midwifes were. 

31 WEEKS - I had a midwife appointment this week {12.05.16} and I ended up being referred for CTG monitoring. Baby hadn’t been moving as much as usual so the midwifes just wanted to check his movements and make sure nothing was wrong. 

The CTG monitors baby's heart rate and I had a little button to press every time he moved. When baby is resting the heart rate should be low and the when moving the heart rate should increase. Our cheeky little baby decided he wanted to sleep through the CTG which meant his heart rate was always at a resting rate so we ended up having to be monitored for over an hour to see the spikes & movement. Once baby woke up and was active we confirmed everything was ok, thank goodness! Baby's heart rate was 140bpm.

32 WEEKS - The baby belly was growing at a rapid pace! Every week it was getting bigger & B I G G E R and I started to get big red stretch marks on the front of my belly. I was so keen to get on top of these and went crazy with Frank coffee scrubs, coconut oil and BioOil… none of which made a difference and I still continued to get more and more stretch marks. Baby vanderHeijde was leaving his mark! On the plus side, all the oils were making my belly super soft!

Also at 32 weeks I found that baby vanderHeijde was a little bit ticklish. I could get him to move by running my nails over my belly. This was super cute to watch.

33 WEEKS - Everything hurts. My back. My groin. My stomach. I can’t even move in bed anymore. When I stand up I feel like my uterus is going to fall out.” -- From this message I sent, I think it's safe to say I was feeling pretty uncomfortable at that point. I had started to get really painful cramp really low across my uterus on the left side and it just wouldn’t ease. A physio from the hospital gave me a wrap to help hold my belly up and take some weight off. Thankfully the pains only lasted about a week.

I decided to go with Marty to tennis and use the pool, not realising the pool was outside. Apparently it was heated but at 7pm in the middle of May it was still pretty cold. I still really enjoyed doing some laps and loved the weightlessness feeling. I was having a great time leaping around in the water and it was such a weird feeling getting out of the pool and having all that baby weight again!

34 WEEKS - I had another midwife appointment this week. At this midwife appointment we went over birth preferences. I didn't set a strict plan and noted I was open to pain relief options but was not keen on having an epidural (at the time I had in my head that if I got an epidural I would end up having to have a c-section.... not true).

My blood pressure was a little bit high on the first 2 readings but at the third reading it was in the normal range again so I didn't have to be monitored. Baby's heart rate was 145bpm.

35 WEEKS - My mum arrived from New Zealand for my baby shower to celebrate baby vanderHeijde. I was so happy to see my mum again and show off the huge bump that was housing her grandbaby!

My baby shower was an afternoon garden party with family and friends on the Sunshine Coast. I had such a great afternoon and all the baby talk got me so excited for how close we were to meeting our little boy. 

The following day we had our maternity photo shoot on the Sunshine Coast. I had been really worried about this shoot as I was feeling very fat and unattractive but I am so glad we did it! I absolutely love the photos now!!

This week my stomach started to get extremely itchy - could it possibly be stretching even more?? I went crazy rubbing coconut oil, bio oil and moisuriser on my tummy to try stop me from itching but it was still driving me crazy. A friend recommended an Oatmeal & Goat body wash and this did help a bit!

Through a swab test & blood test, this week the GP picked up that I had Group B Strep. This was a lucky pick up as without anitbiotics during labour it can be passed on to baby through birth.

36 WEEKS - At 36 weeks & 5 days I had a scheduled obstetrician appointment. It was an early morning appointment and I was all dressed ready to go straight to work afterwards but my body had other plans. My body wanted to tell me something was up. After getting a high blood pressure reading I was sent for CTG monitoring once again as well as follow up blood pressure tests. The CTG was fine however my blood pressure was still high so I was admitted to hospital for monitoring overnight. This was my first ever stay in hospital which made me a bit emotional. 

**SIDE NOTE*** if you are pregnant, pack your hospital bags early!! I hadn't and needed my husband to pack some clothes for me and I ended up looking like a homeless person!!

Overnight my blood pressure was back in the normal range and so my doctor was happy for me to go home but booked me to come back in 3 days to check my blood pressure again and discuss a date for induction in the next couple of weeks.

Prior to discharge my doctor suggested doing a growth scan and thank goodness she did. During the scan it was found that there was an abnormality with our baby’s heart and that’s where our journey completely changed. 

Because the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital doesn't have paediatric cardiologists,  I had to be transferred to Mater Mothers hospital (via ambulance - dramatic much..?). After having further scans and meeting with specialists I was admitted for the night for routine monitoring.

The doctors at Mater Mothers were happy with my blood pressure overnight and I was discharged with very glamourous compression socks which hubby had to put on for me!

37 WEEKS - Although I could have finished up work early I choose to go back in between meetings with specialists at Mater Mothers and Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.  I had been given the all clear now that my blood pressure was normal and I was still feeling good so wanted to keep my mind busy.... If it mind wasn't busy all I could think about was my baby's broken heart and when I thought about that, I couldn't stop crying.

Following the meetings with specialists it was agreed that I would be able to deliver naturally (thank goodness!) however I would have to be induced to make sure I would deliver during the day and there would be a pediatric heart team ready. It was suggested I would be induced the following week but at the time that was too soon for me. I just wasn't ready and wanted to keep my baby inside where I knew he was OK.

We decided I would go in on Monday the 4th July 2016 and would deliver our baby boy on Tuesday the 5th July 2016. It's a very strange feeling knowing when your baby is going to come. After months of wondering what his birthday would be, we had just been told. 

38 WEEKS - My last week at work! I ended up working right up until the last moment and finished up on the Friday knowing I was being induced on the Monday which I was totally OK with. I feel really lucky that I was feeling good enough to work up to 39 weeks pregnant.

My last day also happened to be our end of financial year function. Although I was heavily pregnant and exhausted, I knew I had to make the most of my last night of 'freedom' and spend as much time as I could socialising with my work friends.

There were a few tears shed leaving the office for the last time and then a lot more tears shed later that evening saying goodbye to my work gals. I know I am only going on maternity leave and will be going back to the office but when I closed that chapter, things got real... life is changing and I'M HAVING A BABY NEXT WEEK!

39 WEEKS - B A B Y  W E E K !!  At 8:30am, Monday the 4th July I checked into Mater Mothers hospital to have a baby! I spent a lot of my pregnancy wondering about when my waters would break, where my labour would start and what it would be like arriving at the hospital, and here I was, walking up to the front desk saying "I'm here to have my baby'... All the details of my induction, labour & birth will be in a following post.


Along with those mentioned in the week by week breakdown above, I experienced the following:

    - Reflux (worse than the second trimester)
    - Breathlessness
    - More stretch Marks 
    - Weight gain
    - A lot of fluid retention, especially in my legs, feet face


Aversions? What aversions. Cravings.... Give me all the food (haha)

I was still really enjoying dairy, especially cereal and a good vanilla milkshake. I was also always wanting orange juice.

Through my whole pregnancy, I dont feel like I had any real cravings. There was never a time where I absolutely had to have something. I did definitely enjoy food and ate a lot, but that's pretty standard for me #foodie 


My hair was still growing really well and thick. I had it done the day before my baby shower and had made comment to my hairdresser that I was considering getting it cut short because it was so thick and hard to manage but she said to wait because it's common to loose hair after pregnancy and I might regret it.
I did start to notice a change in my skin in the final trimester. It was getting dryer and was a bit itchy.

The third trimester was when I gained most weight and on the day of my induction my total weight gain in pregnancy was 14kg
Oh & about that pregnancy glow... It never did show up.

Although there were a few weeks where pregnancy was pretty hard, once I got through them I actually did really enjoy being pregnant. In between all those documented difficult times were truly amazing times and I loved talking about being pregnant any chance I got! Having this beautiful baby growing inside me was such an amazing, miraculous experience that I am so truly grateful for and now I actually miss being pregnant.

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