Life with Lucee is a lifestyle blog created by Lucee vanderHeijde as a creative outlet. With a passion for creativity, writing, photography and oversharing, working in accounting just wasn't enough.

Life with Lucee was originally mainly makeup and beauty focused with the occasional 'life post' but the plan has always been that as my life has changed the content would follow. 

In 2016, during pregnancy, I took a step back from blogging due to lack of energy from a little bit of morning sickness and working full time (right up until I was induced....). Along with that, I only wore makeup a handful of times and I was definitely lacking beauty so writting about beauty was the last thing on my mind.

I managed to track my pregnancy and share trimester updates on the blog { find under motherhood } and had planned to continue this focus with sharing about birth & motherhood. However, due to a traumatic time around the birth of Oliver I needed time to accept and overcome what we had been through.

I've had a few people ask when / if I will be sharing our birth story and Oliver's health story. While I did start to share a bit about Oliver's health in my pregnancy updates and I have part written both stories, I haven't been ready to complete and share just yet. If you are a 'heart parent' though, I would love to connect and share our story with you personally.

In 2017 we have built our first ever house { all the excited emojis! }. We kept our selections very basic so that we could personalise our house and turn it into a home through interior decorating and styling. This is when Life with Lucee became more home focused as we began to share this process on the blog.

Owning our own house has given me a passion for creating our house that I am proud of and love to be in. My goal is to make our home welcoming, on trend and 'magazine worthy'. I hope you enjoy following and being a part of making our house a home.